PlayStation fan loses his PS5 thanks to a lightning strike

PlayStation fan loses his PS5 thanks to a lightning strike
PlayStation fan loses his PS5 thanks to a lightning strike

Misfortune seems to haunt the players of PlayStation, for a long time we have seen how the vast majority are the players of Sony those who usually suffer the worst misfortunes on their consoles. From gamers who have been attacked for their controls to some guys who bought two consoles in case one failed and ended up losing both with just a test of the system.

The user apparently has all his devices connected to surge protectors, but it seems that these were of no help. Interestingly, dogen_lives_in_glass is not the only person this has happened to, as another user also lost a PlayStation 5 that was connected to a surge protector.

FML … I was gone for a week and lightning struck my house, PS5 locked. Don’t take your console for granted and enjoy today’s update“says the Reddit post.

Because the system was completely blocked by the storm, the poster had to remove the plates to manually remove a game disc that was still inside the PS5. Before this they tried using a different AC cord and a different outlet, but neither made a difference. Now dogen_lives_in_glass will have to see if Sony you can replace or repair the console.

The Reddit user was not home when the lightning struck. Interestingly, that was not the case last month when a gamer was struck by lightning through their console. In August, a man in Tennessee was shocked through a video game wired during a thunderstorm.

However, it is unknown which console the player was using at the time. These stories may convince some gamers to unplug their consoles when leaving home during thunderstorms or when leaving home for an extended period of time.

Doing so could mean the difference between a working system and a very expensive brick. Given how difficult the PlayStation 5 is still to get hold of, fans may want to do everything they can to keep it safe; Clearly, surge protectors are not enough.


PlayStation fan loses PS5 lightning strike

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