Monster Hunter Rise y Mega Man crossover de Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise y Mega Man crossover de Nintendo Switch
Monster Hunter Rise y Mega Man crossover de Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most successful launches of Capcom for this year, and the Nintendo Switch exclusive has not stopped receiving additional content since it arrived in March. The next downloadable content coming to the game has just been announced, and it’s a crossover with Megaman which will arrive next week in the form of a Rush armor.

This new armor for your Palamute is based on Rush de Mega Man 11, and although its design might seem very out of place for the world of Monster Hunter Rise, this is precisely what makes it so fun, as we can see in the screenshots and the official trailer that shows it in motion.

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This Rush skin for your Palamute Coming to Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch on Friday, September 24, it adapts Rush’s original design in Mega Man 11 with minimal changes. Unlike the Palamutes that run while you ride them, Rush flies thanks to the thrusters in its legs, which makes for very funny visuals as you can see below.

This is not the first time Capcom has conducted a crossover Among its own franchises within Monster Hunter Rise, because a couple of months ago we saw the arrival of Amaterasu, from Okami, who arrived as a Palamute skin like Rush from Mega Man.

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Monster Hunter Rise is the newest installment in the franchise and is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, but it is not the only game that Capcom has launched on this platform for this year. Monster Hunter Stories 2 also arrived a couple of months ago exclusively, and recently the company boasted of having sold more than 1 million copies around the world.


Monster Hunter Rise Mega Man crossover Nintendo Switch

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