Deltarune Chapter 2 is free because Toby Fox wanted to help fans

Toby Fox, the man behind so much of Undertale like Deltarune, surprisingly premiered the second chapter of Deltarune earlier this week for free. Since then Fox has been very open when it comes to talking about its development and what is to come in the future. He has also explained why he decided that the second chapter of Deltarune it was free instead of being paid, and it seems that it was planned from the beginning.

According to the official website of Deltarune, Fox declares that he believes it will be the best chapter of Deltarune, and while it took him a lot of time and effort to create it, he wanted to give fans something good given how the world is currently.

«Recently the world has been very hard on everyone. That is why I have decided to release the second chapter of Deltarune free, “Fox declared.” I’m not sure if it will help, but I hope so.

However, Fox has mentioned that this is not something that happens often in the video game industry and has encouraged gamers who can afford the games to use the money saved on a potential purchase of games. Deltarune to support other developers indie. Fans can also support Fox and his team by purchasing the game’s soundtrack.

In the release note Fox stated that it initially planned to release a single update when the game was complete. However, he changed his mind because he knows that it is difficult for both fans and creators to go without updates for a long time.

Now that the second chapter is available Flox plans to expand his team to be able to work on the outcomes of the third, fourth and fifth chapters. The launch will complete the story of Deltarune and it will be released as a complete collection with a specific price.

Later Fox dedicated the page to his hardworking team and the credits of his own Deltarune.

This game is made with a lot of stupid garbage. Please have fun experiencing it to the full, “stated Fox.” Browse it and you might find me sleeping at the bottom of the dumpster. But please don’t take my pillow off. I think I would like to take a break for a while… «.

Although he also assures that he wants to take a break, Fox has been working hard and communicating all the updates and bugs with the community, ensuring that the more than 102,916 players who have tried the second chapter of Deltarune on Steam have had a polished experience.

Article originally published in English by Cale Michael on Dot Esports on September 18.

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