Nintendo introduces the Switch OLED to the public for the first time

Nintendo introduces the Switch OLED to the public for the first time
Nintendo introduces the Switch OLED to the public for the first time

Nintendo has started with the promotional deployment of the OLED model of Switch in public, as the console is exhibited for the first time in Japan. The model YOU ARE from Switch It will go on sale on October 8, along with Metroid Dread.

In July, after months of leaks and speculation about a new variant of the Switch, Nintendo officially presented the Switch model YOU ARE. The OLED model of the Switch was not the update that many fans expected, as it does not have any hardware improvements. Instead, the OLED model of the Switch has an improved display, improved audio, and an Ethernet port built into the dock. Most of the improvements to the OLED model of the Switch are related to the portable and desktop mode, so there is not as much incentive for those who play mainly in docked mode. In fact, a Nintendo employee has commented that fans shouldn’t buy the OLED Switch if they aren’t interested in the new screen.

The model YOU ARE from Switch It was only originally shown in closed-door trailers for news posts. There are just a few weeks until the launch of the OLED model and Nintendo finally shows it to the general public. According to bunnagashi on Twitter, the OLED model is being shown in stores in Japan, allowing people to see the quality of the screen in person and determine whether or not the OLED screen is worth it for them.

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The screen YOU ARE Of the new Switch it has the ability to display greater contrasts between light and dark colors, while consuming less battery than the base model. The negative reception of the system could have been alleviated if people could see the quality difference for themselves, but most people are limited by the quality of their PC or smartphone when viewing the OLED model images.

It is likely that Nintendo similar display units for the OLED model are available soon in Europe and America, so that customers can see the new image quality for themselves, and make a decision on whether to fork out for a new console. People still hoping for a 4K Switch with better hardware might consider waiting a few more years. The Switch Basic is starting to show its age, especially with the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S featuring incredible visuals and non-existent loading times. Seeing the OLED model in person might change some opinions, but a true hardware upgrade is what fans are waiting for.


Nintendo introduces Switch OLED public time

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