Tom Cruise could join SpaceX for space travel

Tom Cruise could join SpaceX for space travel
Tom Cruise could join SpaceX for space travel

Tom Cruise is in the sights of the media at the moment, as it is suspected that he could join to SpaceX for a trip in space, or if not, maybe he will star in a film in which he will talk about this topic.

The rumors started when the actor of American origin began to be very interested in the subject of travel to the space. Something that undoubtedly caught the attention of several people. Especially since he hadn’t shown any particular interest in the past.

Although we know that Tom Cruise He has a lot of passion and masters the art of adrenaline-pumping moments, such as motorcycle jumps and action scenes, we had not associated it with adventures in the space until this moment. That is why the bets have begun on whether the actor could join SpaceX for space travel or if it will rather star in some film with this theme in the center.

And, as you probably already know, on September 15 four civilians traveled to the space for the first time as one of the major projects of SpaceX, which has attracted so much people’s attention that a Netflix documentary is already being prepared on the subject.

This trip with four civilians who traveled to the space as tourists it is by itself a historical fact, since before only astronauts, experts and billionaires had traveled. And to make it more special, representatives of the first private flight of SpaceX revealed that Tom Cruise participated in a call with the four tourists spatial orbiting more than 360 miles (580 kilometers) high.

However, for now the conversation held on Thursday was private and its content is unknown, as well as all the details of the flight three days. No details about its content were revealed, but this did not stop the press and the media, who at this time suspect that there are two possibilities: o Tom Cruise could join SpaceX for space travel or could star in a movie with this theme, and the call is just one of the ways the actor will begin to prepare your character.

Since SpaceX is revolutionizing the way science advances its discovery of the space and life on other planets, as well as the idea of sightseeing space, we know that anything is possible. Therefore, it is difficult to draw conclusions so soon.

However, it is enough to remember that last year the NASA confirmed that he was in talks and negotiations with Tom Cruise to organize a visit to the International Space Station for a filming. In this case, SpaceX will provide the flight, something it has done before for astronauts in the NASA and which he also did for billionaire Jared Isaacman, who traveled with two pageant winners named Chris Sembroski and Sian Proctor, as well as medical assistant Hayley Arceneaux, who at 29 is the youngest American in space. So yes, everything seems to indicate that for one reason or another, Tom Cruise is very close to heading a trip to space.

SpaceX offered to fly Tom Cruise

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