WhatsApp: how to get out of a group chat without the members finding out?

WhatsApp: how to get out of a group chat without the members finding out?
WhatsApp: how to get out of a group chat without the members finding out?

The groups of WhatsApp are a function that allows users to converse simultaneously with several people, either to organize an outing or work meeting. However, there are times when this function becomes annoying due to the number of messages, stickers, emojis, photos and videos that its members send. If you are in group chat and you want to get out, we tell you how to do it without anyone noticing.

Despite the fact that millions of users use the instant messaging app on mobile devices iOS and Android, there are very few who know certain tricks to access the most useful functions of WhatsApp.

How to leave a WhatsApp group chat without anyone noticing?

If you want to leave that group chat because you no longer support the content that other members share, but you also do not want said contacts not to know that you left, we tell you that the app has two easy functions, so you will not need to download e install extra applications on your smartphone.

Mute notifications

It is one of the most useful tools on WhatsApp. While not you will leave the group, what it will do is that the notifications of messages that are shared in that space will not appear, and they will never notice it.

Silencing notifications is very simple, you just have to enter the group chat you want to stop reading and display the settings menu that is in the upper right part of the screen and choose the option group info.

Later, click where it says mute notifications and select forever. Go back to the previous tab and open the menu custom notifications, to activate them. In this section, look for the buttons notifications and alerts O use high priority notifications, and disable those that are enabled.

Archive WhatsApp group

Another way to leave a WhatsApp group Without anyone noticing, it is by archiving the chat, since the conversation will disappear from the main menu of the platform. Do you want to do it? Follow these steps

  • Enter the WhatsApp home screen and click on the group conversation you want to archive
  • A menu will be enabled at the top of the screen, select the option archivar chat
  • By choosing this option, the group chat will disappear from the home screen automatically.

Remember that activating either of these two options will mean that you will not receive notifications from the chosen group, much less will you see the chats. This is a good way to leave these spaces without anyone noticing, and thus avoid giving explanations.

WhatsApp: the multi-device function is now available for iPhone

The multi-device function WhatsApp is available to users with an iPhone smartphone and, finally, they will be able to use the instant messaging app on various devices without the need for the main mobile phone to be properly connected to the Internet. As we remember, this tool has been quite anticipated, since it was in a test period in the beta version and many Internet users could not wait to put it into practice. Today, however, it will no longer be necessary to convert an original account to a test account to enjoy the useful and long-awaited update.

As far as is known, the multi-device mode that WhatsApp added only allows you to connect an account in WhatsApp Desktop for Mac or WhatsApp Web for Windows. However, it is expected that, eventually, the options will be as varied as in its trial period in WhatsApp Beta, in which up to four devices could be connected simultaneously.

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