Apex Legends goes through a weekend of serious connection problems

The gender of battle royale It does not go out of style, and a fairly evident proof of them is that more and more titles are daring with it. With Fortnite that is still a bit of the star, other titles are quite close to it thanks mainly to the fact that they offer a quite different experience.

One of these titles is Apex Legends, a title that has been gaining popularity and players little by little since its launch. However, right now it seems that he is not having a good time and it is that this weekend it seems to be quite difficult to enjoy his experience in a normal way.

Respawn will fix Apex Legends issues very soon

Those responsible, Respawn, seem to be quite aware of these problems that are causing triple disconnections than normally. It seems that the study is accumulating the fronts after the security problems that occurred with the Titanfall 2 servers, although they assure through their Twitter that they will solve these Apex Legends problems for next September 22.

Regular Apex Legends players can only be a little patient, and from Xbox Generation we will keep you informed about any news that emerges from Apex Legends.


Apex Legends weekend connection problems

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