God of War Ragnarök will bring back mechanics from old games in the series

God of War Ragnarök will bring back mechanics from old games in the series
God of War Ragnarök will bring back mechanics from old games in the series

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PlayStation a few weeks ago officially presented the gameplay of God of War Ragnarök. Something that may have caught the attention of fans is that in the trailer it is possible to see combat mechanics that were familiar. Well, it was not a wrong perception, since those in charge of God of War Ragnarök confirmed that they will bring back some characteristic details of the old games in the series.

Director of God of War (2018), Cory Barlog, and the director of the next installment, Eric Williams, participated in an interview with Kaptain Kuba and offered additional details about this promising project.

SPOILER: Before, we warned you that there could be spoilers about a mechanic of the combat of God of War (2018) related to history. However, if you saw the gameplay reveal trailer, you shouldn’t worry.

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God of War Ragnarök will include unforgettable combat mechanics

In one part of the interview, the youtuber questioned Williams about something about the combat system that was familiar. In this regard, Williams confessed that the team decided to bring back combat mechanics from previous games.

According to the director, there was a period of almost 2 or 3 months after the planning of the sequel in which the development team decided to open the “box of ideas” to the entire team to provide recommendations on what to do. would like to include in the game.

Many of these ideas revolved around combat, precisely in the desire to bring back the Blades of Chaos, Kratos’ iconic weapon in the installments based on Greek mythology: “How we brought back the Blades of Chaos in the middle of the game last, we couldn’t bring them back 100%, “was the general comment on the ideas box, according to Williams.

Many suggested re-implementing various Blades of Chaos mechanics, such as the grab, pull, or even the iconic combo in which Kratos lifts an opponent into the air and with the help of his weapon smashes them to the ground, like we could see in a part of the gameplay. Thus, the idea resonated well with the entire team and this is why it was decided that God of War: Ragnarök it will have combat mechanics from old games in the series.

“There were just so many ideas that they were like old things and it was like ‘OK, let’s go for the best hits of the things we didn’t get to, let’s bring them back,'” Williams said.

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God of War Ragnarök It will debut in 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can find more news related to it by visiting its tab.

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