NBA 2K22 promises unprecedented realism in its gameplay

NBA 2K22 promises unprecedented realism in its gameplay
NBA 2K22 promises unprecedented realism in its gameplay

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Beyond what has happened with your microtransaction system, NBA 2K It is still the best sports simulator, thanks to the fact that its development teams always pay special attention to control and playability. We are a few days away from the debut of NBA 2K22 and Visual Concepts has released new information on the changes that will be for this season and boy are they to be excited about.

NBA 2K22 will provide unprecedented realism

Through a new development report, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts presented information about the gameplay of NBA 2K22. According to the information, this year’s edition will see improvements in offense and defense that will provide an unprecedented level of realism. Initially, it was revealed that the defense will experience the system in different ways according to the conditions of the players and their talent, that is, there will be different defensive interactions in perimeter and area with different results, but all according to the player’s ability. . In that sense, the blocks and the pressure on the shots, known as scoring, will be effective at different levels depending on the type of player who performs it, so that the opponent’s blocks or missed shots will be more constant.

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The offensive in NBA 2K22 will be dynamic and with unprecedented realism

On the other hand, the offense will have changes according to the talent of the players in its virtual version, but also with the skill of the user, so you can expect greater effectiveness with Stephen Curry, James Harden, LeBron James or Damian Lillard unlike of lower level players. Likewise, the dribbles were improved and now it will be possible to perform a combination in 3 or 4 seconds that guarantees a spectacular movement, although that does not mean that in the end you have 2 or 3 points guaranteed. In that sense, the development team reported that the dunks were also retouched and they will no longer be 2 safe points, because you could fail by not having the adequate speed and response when marking the movements with the control. In the same way, the shots will have a dynamic meter that will adjust to the player’s ability, the virtual player’s statistics and the momentum that he lives in the party.

NBA 2K22 It will debut on September 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Switch, and PC.

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