7 tricks to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on Android

Genshin Impact is one of those addictive games that can rob you of many hours on your mobile. This miHoYo game has spectacular graphics and a spectacular soundtrack, but if your device does not have enough resources, your games may turn into a nightmare.

You know, the delays, the pixels on the edges of the images, FPS drop, the mobile that heats up and a long etc. But don’t worry, you can adjust a series of settings on your mobile to improve your gaming experience. You can try some basic options to free up mobile resources until you make some adjustments to have a better graphic configuration in the game.

So whether you have a device with limited resources for gaming or you want to take full advantage of Genshin Impact on your high-end mobile without going to a custom ROM, take a look at this series of tricks.

Optimize graphics settings according to your device

Optimizing game graphics settings is important to avoid lags in Genshin Impact and improve performance. Of course, having higher graphic quality translates into a better gaming experience, but considering that it will affect performance, you will have to balance that setting based on your device’s resources.

So try different types of settings to choose the one that is best for your mobile. Perhaps you could start with frame rate at 60, keep the rendering resolution high and the rest of the settings medium or low.

7 tricks to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on Android 2

Or if you don’t want to touch the settings too much, just a few small adjustments, start by reducing both the render resolution and the shadow quality. But if your mobile is very low on resources, set FTS to 30, the rest to the lowest value and Motion blur change to “No”. And from there, go testing with different configurations

7 tricks to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on Android 3

7 tricks to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on Android 3

To make any of these changes, just launch Genshin Impact and then tap on Paimon’s avatar to go to Settings and select Graphics.

As you see in the images, set the graphic quality, and then go to Customize to apply some of the changes we mentioned. Make sure that the “Current Performance Load” is set to “Fluid”, if you have a combination that exceeds the resources of the mobile, you will see that it changes to “Overshoot”.

Close background apps while running Genshin Impact

Now let’s move on to some basic actions that you can apply to improve mobile performance when you are in your game. And one of them is to remove all Open applications or running in the background.

So if you have a performance problem when you play Genshin Impact, make sure as a first measure close all the apps you have in the background, so that you have more mobile resources available. So take a look at all the apps like WhatsApp and others, which continue to consume device resources even when they are not open.

When you finish your game, you can restore the operation of all the apps you need.

Do not play with the mobile charging or with less than 20%

Surely you already know that the mobile has the Energy Saving function. So when the mobile battery goes down to certain, hardware capabilities are limited as it is put into “saving mode”.

So while you can start with a battery charge, keep in mind that games like Genshin Impact consume too much and in an hour you can be below 20%. And at that point, you will notice that the performance drops considerably.

And no, do not play while charging the mobile. The only thing you will achieve is that the mobile heats up and consumes more resources.

Change screen resolution

Another option that you can consider to improve the gaming experience is adjust screen resolution from mobile settings.

To do this, go to Settings >> Display and brightness >> Screen resolution. Some devices have “Smart Resolution” set by default, so disable it and adjust the resolution manually. If you cannot find this option on your mobile, you will have to use an application or game tool.

Use your mobile game mode

Most mobiles have a game mode. Some with more powerful options than others. The majority activates automatically when you start a game, so you won’t have to enable it manually.

7 tricks to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on Android 4

7 tricks to improve the performance of Genshin Impact on Android 4

For example, Xiaomi has the “Game Turbo mode” that automatically optimizes resources so that you have the best gaming experience on your mobile. And of course, it offers you some basic options to adjust some details.

Create a custom game mode with this tool

We have already seen that you can use the Game Mode that your mobile offers to improve game performance. But if the features it offers don’t seem to make a difference, you can try Gamers GLTool.

This application fulfills the function of an automatic game mode. And no, you don’t need root to install this tool that is very easy to use. The first thing this app will do is analyze the device’s GPU and processor to apply all the necessary configuration changes.

7 tricks to improve Genshin Impact performance on Android 5

7 tricks to improve Genshin Impact performance on Android 5

So it will apply basic changes, such as closing apps in the background to free up memory, kill system processes to save resources, etc. And on the other hand, it provides a series of adjustments within “Game Tuner” that will make a difference in your game. For example, you can set how images are rendered, game resolution, FTS adjustment, among other options

Use developer options to improve performance

Another setting that will help you improve performance is an option found within the developer options: MSAA 4x.

What will this option do for you? MSAA or Multi-Sample Anti Aliasing what it will do is improve the quality of graphics in games. You will notice that the edges are softened and it doesn’t look like that pixelated in the images.

If you take a look at the Genshin Impact settings, you may have noticed that “Antialiasing” is also among the Graphics settings, but some users find that activating them from the Developer Options gives it a plus.

A detail to keep in mind that this option will contribute to consume more battery, since it will use the graphic processing of your mobile to the fullest. If you have a mid-range or low-end mobile, it may be better to skip this trick.

Remember that to see the Developer Options you have to enable this mode, by clicking on Build number several times. You will find this in Settings >> System >> About phone >> Software information.

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