Where is the Hulk, Lionel Messi’s huge breed dog

Until a while ago think about Hulk was to automatically refer to the green superhero from the American comics published by the publisher Marvel. However, a few years ago an unexpected rival emerged that could almost compete in size: Lionel Messi’s dog, a Dogue de Bordeaux whose name refers to the famous character.

The dog arrived at the footballer’s home in 2016 by the hand of Antonela Roccuzzo: “New member of my family. Thank you love for this beautiful gift ”, said Messi at the time. The unknown now, with the star in French territory after his departure from Barcelona and its presentation in the Paris Saint Germain is, where’s the hulk?

As it transpired, the Messi mascot is still in Spain. With Messimanía unleashed in Paris, surely the arrival of the Hulk in the next few days will be another highlight event.

Hulk, newcomer to the Messi house. Photo Instagram @leomessi.

How is the Dogue de Bordeaux

“The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the breeds of dogs giants that exist. Although it was originally used as a protective dog, currently it is an excellent companion dog, being very affectionate and protective of its family ”, they told Clarion from Estancia La Nicola, canine kennel specialized in this breed.

Messi and his sons, Mateo and Thiago, along with the Hulk. Photo Instagram @leomessi.

Despite its size, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro Messi they can be calm. According to the experts consulted, “it does not present any problem when it comes to living with children, they are very tolerant and patient, so you can share the children’s hours of play.”

In addition, they added that it is “a very balanced, calm and affectionate dog with the family to which it belongs, especially with its owner, showing an amazing loyalty and fidelity towards all its members.”

Messi with dog. Photo Instagram @leomessi.

Messi with dog. Photo Instagram @leomessi.

The spokesmen stressed that the Dogue de Bordeaux is a very sociable animal both with other pets and with other people. However, they clarified that it is not a recommended dog for an apartment or small spaces, since due to its size it needs to move freely.

Males of this breed can weigh between 55 and 65 kilos. The females, meanwhile, are a little smaller.

Males of this breed can weigh up to 65 kilos. Photo Instagram @leomessi.

Males of this breed can weigh up to 65 kilos. Photo Instagram @leomessi.

And what about the price? From La Nicola they estimated that the value can range “between $ 80,000 and the $ 120,000, according to the bloodline of his parents ”.


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