Arantxa Chávez dived with 0 points! VIDEO

Arantxa Chávez dived with 0 points! VIDEO
Arantxa Chávez dived with 0 points! VIDEO
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Mexico City / 30.07.2021 02:36:34

Since the Olympics are over! Mexico seems to be salty because when they are not the fourth places, they are the arrows of Archery and now even in nailed -where we are supposedly power- there was a jump that left a 0 rating for Arantxa Chávez.

The 30-year-old diver participated in the preliminaries to find one of the places for the Final from the 3-meter springboard, but had a disastrous third dive in which everything failed: he never found the momentum or position for takeoff, jumping “jumping” into the water.

That execution cost Arantxa Chávez to be the last of 27 competitors in the preliminary round, where his best jump barely gave him 58.50 units and a total of 190.35, disappointing participation if we consider that they were delivered 18 tickets to the Semifinals, with one of those places for the Mexican Aranza Vázquez.

Mexico in Diving Tokyo 2020

One of the sports in which the Mexican delegation and millions of fans have their hopes for medals are the Dived, but nevertheless, the results have not been as desired so far in Tokyo 2020.

Concluded the tests of Synchronized in its four modalities, the balance for Mexico it is a bronze medal and three times fourth place; now it is the turn of the Singles, although unfortunately the Arantxa Chavez marginalizes her from any possibility of reaching the Trampoline Final.



Arantxa Chávez dived points VIDEO

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