Why do they call Cristiano Ronaldo El Bicho?

Why do they call Cristiano Ronaldo El Bicho?
Why do they call Cristiano Ronaldo El Bicho?
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Mexico City / 07.07.2021 16:51:18

Cristiano Ronaldo He is already one of the legends of world football and in his career, in addition to success, he has earned nicknames. The most famous are the Commander and The bug, what curiously he was born from a sportscaster that after nicknamed him that way, he has caused the world to imitate him.

Successes such as the League titles in Portugal with the Sporting, on the Premier League with the Manchester United, on Spain with the Real Madrid and now in the A league with the Juventus they justify any nickname because it is always related to the triumph, the championships and their leadership.

El Bicho arose from Manolo Lama, commentator for the COPE network, who continually called him that in the narrations of the Real Madrid matches. It has nothing to do with insects, on the contrary he used this nickname of animal for the physical power, his strength, the leadership and the difference he showed on the playing fields.

By the way, in an interview with your sponsoring brand before the Russia World Cup 2018, he was asked which of the nicknames was his favorite and in this case he preferred Commander above CR7 and El Bicho.

“I like the word, it means leadership or power. If people give me that name, I’m glad. I like to be a leader by example. I like being the team leader. At your command Commander! “


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