The sad end of Jorge Cyterszpiler, Maradona’s first manager

The sad end of Jorge Cyterszpiler, Maradona’s first manager
The sad end of Jorge Cyterszpiler, Maradona’s first manager

The businessman was a key player in the start of the career of 10. He negotiated his transfer to Boca, Barcelona and Napoli. The friendship that was born by a tragedy

Jorge Cyterszpiler was one of the key pieces in the start of Diego Maradona’s career. The world of football remembers him as the first representative of 10 when he emerged from the Argentinos Juniors quarry, he was the one who negotiated his signing to Boca, Barcelona and Napoli, however, the history between the ‘Russian’ Cyterszpiler was born before.

They say that in the distance they were confused, since Maradona and Cyterszpiler were almost the same height and the same haircut. Diego and Jorge were great friends since the ’10’ was part of Cebollitas, but this friendship was born from a tragedy.

According to El Gráfico, Jorge Cyterszpiler was going to the Argentinos Juniors training sessions to see his brother, Juan Eduardo, who was close to being promoted to the first team. Nevertheless, Juan Eduardo Cyterszpiler died at 22 years of age, and Jorge, 11, broke down emotionally, so he remained isolated at home for several weeks.

At his young age, Jorge was part of the Press Commission, where he somehow remained linked to soccer, which he could not practice with such ease due to a disability in his leg caused by polio.

He was studious and devoured books on economics and marketing, but during that time he left school and football until someone came to his house to tell him that a new player had arrived at Cebollitas, the Argentinos Juniors’ children’s affiliate, and that it was quite a show. . “Why don’t you take a tour of the club, Jorge?” The magazine quotes. That boy was Diego Maradona.

The relationship between Cyterszpiler and Maradona broke down in the 1990s, although Jorge appeared again at parties and emotional moments in Dieg’s life.O.

Jorge Cyterszpiler’s days ended under a deep depression, a product of separation from your partner. On May 8, 2017, it was reported that Cyterszpiler had thrown himself from a seventh floor following the carelessness of the therapist who was caring for him and passed away at 58 years of age.

The last time he personally lived with Maradona was in 2011, in a hotel in Dubai, where they had dinner, just like in the old days.

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