Summary of the game Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid (1-2). GOALS

Summary of the game Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid (1-2). GOALS
Summary of the game Getafe vs Atlético de Madrid (1-2). GOALS

What seemed beaten, ended up being a good match where the Atlético de Madrid beat Getafe 2-1 as a visit and in the final part of the meeting corresponding to the beginning of the Day 6 of LaLiga, the best is that José Juan Macías and Héctor Herrera were headlines with their respective teams.

The Getafe, still not winning in LaLiga, is his sixth loss, while Colchoneros take the lead from the competition momentarily.

The locals surprised by going up on the scoreboard, but in the final part, Luis Suárez made a double to give them a return of reality.

Macias he played his first duel as a starter in LaLiga and it was not out of tune. The Aztec was fine with his movements, although his problem was the final decision in the last part of the court. Still, he had some chances to score. For its part, Herrera he did a good job in the mattress midfield.

Getafe, at home, he looked for the goal of the Athletes and Nemanja Maksimovic sent the first warning at minute 12 with a head butt that went over the top.

Getafe had another with Macias for speed, but at 13 ‘he lost with Marcos Llorente placeholder image; the Athletes answered at 18 ‘, Ángel Correa with a center that did not have a correct final destination. José María Giménez made a header that went over at 20 ‘.

The duel continued and at 24 ‘, JJ had a clear with a low left foot that went wide and at 25 ‘, he had another with a shot that didn’t have a good ending either.

Jaime Mata had the clearest until that moment, since at 31 ‘Jan Oblak stopped him in a play that was invalidated due to a previous foul.

The Athletes approached 36 ‘with an error of Djené, the ball was left to Luis Suarez and the goalkeeper of Getafe, David Soria stopped him, and in the counterattack, Correa looked for and Juan Iglesias diverted him.

It seemed that they were going to rest, but at 45 ‘, cloud went wrong, the spherical left her alive, there was a center and Stefan Mitrovic sent it to save for 1-0 of the Getafe.

Already in the second half, at 48 ‘, HH touched Kieran Trippier, there was a center for Suarez, but the blue behind cleared it. Antoine Griezmann at 51 ‘he shot over another mattress opportunity.

Macias received a pass to 55 ‘, which could not maneuver and ended up losing the ball. Trippier He tried to put another ball into the area in favor of the Athletes, but before it came Mitrovic al 59’.

Macias he put a cross into the area and at 67 ‘he left the exchange. Without the mexican Suarez put the ball on the crossbar with a header in the middle of Rodrigo de Paul al 68’.

The duel was complicated for him Getafe when at 73 ‘Carles Aleñá saw the red and left the locals at a numerical disadvantage. At 76 ‘, Soria saved the Getafe, and at 77 ‘, Suárez made it 1-1 with a shot inside the area.

The duel continued, Herrera left the exchange at 84 ‘ and in the final part there were arrivals. At 90 ‘, Suárez made it 2-1 for Atlético a header that he took with everything and marks.

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