“Collapse” in preventive medicine services due to lack of resources and the pandemic

“Collapse” in preventive medicine services due to lack of resources and the pandemic
“Collapse” in preventive medicine services due to lack of resources and the pandemic

The Valencian Society of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (SVMPSP) has denounced that these services are “collapsed” due to their chronic lack of resources and their exhaustive dedication to the pandemic and has warned that the “clear worsening” of the pandemic The last months of the year and the beginning of 2022 “will again force us to redouble our work.”

In this sense, they have explained that hospital Preventive Medicine (PMM) services are usually the smallest services in terms of personnel and resources of the Valencian Community hospitals and that before the pandemic they already lacked an average of 50% of the Necessary personnel resources despite the fact that they perform a “fundamental” role in the face of covid-19.

Thus, they emphasize that they play a “central” role in the surveillance, prevention and control of covid, not only in health centers, but also collaborating with Public Health and Primary Care in closed institutions, in residences, and in other communities. They also exclusively assume the Covid vaccinations of special groups, such as health personnel, chronically ill patients, international travelers and complex vaccinations of particular difficulty.

In fact, the SMP network of the Valencian Community has made “a commendable effort” so far during this period, giving all its collaboration to the Ministry of Health. However, SMPs have been “absorbed” by the pandemic for more than 20 months and have not been able to carry out their essential functions of infection prevention in the hospital, hospital hygiene, public health surveillance and interconsultations on vaccinations and prophylaxis with normality, says the SVMPSP .

In this regard, he warns that some recent outbreaks of Candida Auris and other multi-resistant germs in Valencian hospitals, in addition to the worsening of all infection incidence rates during the pandemic in Spain, have revealed the “risky of prolonging this situation indefinitely” .


For all these reasons, the SVMPSP continues to prioritize the activities to combat the pandemic, but urges the Ministry to improve the resources of the SMPs. Specifically, they demand to ensure current resources so that they can fulfill the normal functions of these services, which require a ratio of one doctor and one nurse dedicated to surveillance and infection control for every 170 beds, in addition to a ratio of one doctor and one nurse. one nurse for every 3,780 annual medical visits.

In the same way, they claim to additionally support preventive programs against the pandemic, renewing all Covid contracts currently in force and guaranteeing, in addition, the presence of a doctor, a nurse and a TCAE for each mass vaccination team that deploys its work in the next few months.


Collapse preventive medicine services due lack resources pandemic

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