Coronavirus, PostCOVID Syndrome, COVID sequelae: Up to 30% of patients who had severe COVID-19 report sequelae | Health

In dialogue with Snail Radio the vice minister of health, Luis Alexander Moscoso stated that, after the analysis of some studies preliminary tests begin to show that until the 30% of patients who had coronavirus severe in Colombia are reporting syndrome PostCOVID, even revealed that it was also found that about 10% of those who suffered from the virus light form have sequelae.

“Are aftermath are being reported with varying degrees of expression, have been evidenced since affectations very mild, even ones that can generate greater impact. For example, today in the Medellin city and in the department of Antioquia, we have about 120 patients hospitalized for COVID and a similar number also hospitalized due to PostCOVID pathologies, ”said Moscoso.

By the way, the doctor José Millán Oñate, a member of the Colombian Association of Infectology explained that this symptomatology syndrome occurs up to 3 months after the patient was diagnosed with the virus.

“This residual symptomatology is highly variable and can affect the Physical Health and cognitive. There are some conditions that increase possibility that this happens, such is the case of those who before catch of the virus had an underlying disease or suffered from severe COVID. Are persons can present sensation choking, fatigue, malaise, disturbances in concentration, tiredness, among other sequels”Concluded Dr. Oñate.


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