Tecnovelero Virante: hydrogen electric of Spanish origin

Tecnovelero Virante: hydrogen electric of Spanish origin
Tecnovelero Virante: hydrogen electric of Spanish origin

The car was born as conventional electric in 2018

The objective is to develop the hydrogen infrastructure in Spain

The Tecnovelero Virante is an electric car born in 2018 with which the development of a hydrogen fuel cell is now projected, in addition to an improvement in the Spanish infrastructure related to this technology.

The Tecnovelero Virante It is the first electric car of Tecnovelero and Arcamo Controls SA, and the new project that is currently being developed around it is that it can be powered by hydrogen. The objective is the development of a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank that make the Virante the most environmentally friendly car possible.

The edges of this project are many and varied. The National Hydrogen Center –Puertollano– participates in it, an organization promoted by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities that is dedicated to the development of technologies related to hydrogen; Eurecat, the Technological Center of Catalonia, whose mission is to contribute its knowledge in the automotive sector; CSIC Liftec –Fluid Dynamics and Combustion Technologies Research Laboratory–, specialist in fluid mechanics and, in the final part of the same project, Applus Idiada, for the homologation of the resulting vehicles.

The Virante It is a vehicle that can be configured from a power of 4 kilowatts to 25, whose thermal equivalents are 5.3 and 33.5 horses. However, there will also be a high capacity version, with 40 kilowatts –53.6 horsepower– designed for heavy tasks or for rural areas. The cargo volume of this variant will be 1,000 liters, and it will have special wheels and tires, as well as various technical solutions designed for the professional field.

Those responsible for this project want to collaborate with the different administrations and other entities to create hydrogen –Hydrogen production centers–, in such a way that it ends up being a hydrogen technology development project at the national level. The implementation of hydrolineras to refuel. In the first place, it will take place in the province of Tarragona.

The Virante project was born in 2018 as a conventional electric car. Since then, according to those responsible for it, some companies and administrations of the territory have shown interest in the vehicle in order to study its integration in some of their fleets.

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Tecnovelero Virante hydrogen electric Spanish origin

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