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Keiko Fujimori will deliver a letter to Francisco Sagasti this Monday 28 requesting an audit of the OAS Elections Peru 2021 Pedro Castillo Popular Force Peru Libre Second round nndc | POLITICS

The presidential candidate of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, announced that this Monday he will go to the Government Palace to deliver a letter to the president Francisco Sagasti requesting an audit of the Organization of American States (OAS) at the second round of Peru General Elections of 2021.

From the Plaza Bolognesi, in the center of Lima, the leader of Fujimori also urged her contender from Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo, to follow suit and said he hopes to talk to the head of state on the matter.

“We have listened to the different politicians and that is why today I announce that I am going to send a letter addressed to the President of the Republic and we hope that the candidate (Pedro) Castillo do the same. We do not ask that they favor us, no, we ask that all these irregularities be analyzed, all these traps that have been made at the tables “, he expressed.

SIGHT: Keiko Fujimori appeared before her followers in Plaza Bolognesi

“For this reason, with all due respect I address the President of the Republic: Mr. Sagasti, look, listen to the voices, not mine, that of more than 8 million Peruvians who want to know the truth. On Monday I will go to the Palace, I hope I have the opportunity to talk with you, or if not, I will leave you the letter personally requesting an international audit “added.

Fujimori Higuchi also questioned that the Plenary of the National Elections Jury (JNE) has not decided to take into account the complaints of table fraud and referred that the resignation of magistrate Luis Arce Cordova only generates “More distrust”.

“This week has not been different, we saw that instead of analyzing the underlying issues, the complaints that the citizens sent us, they said: ‘no, we prefer to make quick decisions and this is the end of it’ “, he said.

“There has also been the resignation of a member of the Jury, which generates more distrust in this situation. That is why we ask ourselves: what is happening? What we want is to know the truth and we want transparency “he added.

Finally, the leader of Fuerza Popular spoke about the audios broadcast by former congressman Fernando Olivera, which involve former presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos, and rejected any hint about alleged bribery, calling it “war dirty”, “Low blows” e “Inventions”.

“We have listened with indignation to those audios revealed by Mr. Popy Olivera, listening to the voice of a man who betrayed all Peruvians. I reject this type of insinuation, where it is also noted that this is crudely armed, in a cantinflesque way “, he stressed.

“We welcome that the investigations have been opened, but what they seek here is to distract us, so that we do not continue to defend that our votes are respected. We are going to remain firm, beyond this type of absurd accusations that are being known “, he sentenced.


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