PS4 and PS5 could be compatible with previous consoles

PS4 and PS5 could be compatible with previous consoles
PS4 and PS5 could be compatible with previous consoles

Mark Cerny and David Simpson have filed a new patent with which PS1, PS2 and PS3 games could be played on PS4 and PS5

Backward compatibility is one of the biggest problems in Sony consoles and they could have found a solution for the most current consoles, PS4 and PS5. Thanks to its backward compatibility, Sony’s latest generation is demonstrating its great power, since PS4 games can be played on the new console with graphical improvements and many other improvements like a big cut in wait times. now the middle The Gamer has confirmed that these two consoles could run all possible games from previous generations, as has been happening with the Xbox in each of the new generations. We recently had a short announcement about the new glasses as well.

The patent is somewhat confusing, for understand each other quickly they propose a system by which the PS5 slows down the reading of games and therefore cannot cause problems with data processing. Current readers are much faster than previous consoles and this is what can cause the failure. The surprising thing is that the objective is that it can be taken to all kinds of devices, such as mobile phones, so we intuit that it would be digital.. The objective is that the player can have everything at his disposal and recover the legacy of classic games like on Microsoft consoles, but could also be an implementation of the possible Sony Game Pass.

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