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The chilling and meticulous obsession of the Argentine who killed Delfina Pan in Miami

The chilling and meticulous obsession of the Argentine who killed Delfina Pan in Miami
The chilling and meticulous obsession of the Argentine who killed Delfina Pan in Miami

The Argentinian 20 years Agustín Lucas Mariani it was stopped As the perpetrator of the crime from the designer Delfina Pan and in the last hours, through a friend of the young murdered, who also worked with them, the obsession that the young man had with the deceased girl and the meticulous plan he devised to carry out the deed.

From Miami, the friend of Delfina who worked in the same restaurant as the victim and the alleged aggressor, who preferred not to disclose his identity, told Todo Noticias (TN) channel that the attacker is a “21-year-old boy, Argentinian, from Bella Vista“.

“Was obsessed with my friend. They never had anything. She was kind to him for the fear that I had of him“, he indicated and described the suspect, whom he identified by name and surname, as “Super rare”.

“There were other situations like a struggle when they wanted to put him in a car, he cried … he called her at any time (…) It is clear that it was him, “he said.

Regarding what happened on the day of crime, this friend said that Delfina “His work shift ended, he had to continue working but after two hours left his place and disappeared“, after which, “he attacked her and he attacked himself”.

And she added: “I am almost sure that everything was planned. She was just about to move. He left everything in order at work and abandoned all WhatsApp groups. I had everything calculated, “he added. This friend clarified that Delfina “never” made a complaint for “fear” and what did he say to her “Who knows what this crazy person does to you.”

He also said that the obsession It started about three months ago, when he “from one day to the next he sat her on a chair and told her he was in love with her. ” In addition, he questioned that in the restaurant when they alerted him to the fact they told him “but he is in love”.

“Nothing was known about him. He made comments that were a person who was not sane. Bad mannered, cynical. But nobody was going to imagine that it would end like this, “he added.

According to the investigations, in the restaurant where the two worked, they discovered that a knife was missing of the bar and that it had the characteristics of used in crime.

Arriving at the scene of the crime, police personnel found Mariani pulled on top of Pan and with stab wounds on the torso. Faced with this situation, both were transferred to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where the attacked young woman died as a result of the injuries and the suspect was hospitalized.

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