They arrest a pimp for exploiting Venezuelan transsexuals

They arrest a pimp for exploiting Venezuelan transsexuals
They arrest a pimp for exploiting Venezuelan transsexuals
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The pimp Leudis Isaac Corro Camacho, known as La Diabla, Wanted by Spain and arrested on Wednesday in Germany, she sexually exploited dozens of women and transsexuals captured in Venezuela with the false promise of a job in Spanish cities.

Corro Camacho is part of a European criminal organization that captured victims for their sexual exploitation, who were forced to undergo breasts and liposuction, reported this Friday the Spanish police.

La Diabla was arrested in Hamburg by agents of the German Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA) thanks to the Spanish police investigations and the citizen collaboration that placed the fugitive in that city.

He was one of the three most wanted criminals in Spain, who appeared on the list published by Spain until his arrest. Europol, la Europe’s Most Wanted 2021.

They wanted Corro Camacho for the crimes of human trafficking, money laundering and criminal organization. Was involved in sexual exploitation against women and transsexuals in Spain, mainly in the cities of Zaragoza, Oviedo and Barcelona.

The pimp captured women and transsexuals in the country, where they suffered a tremendous economic vulnerability. He promised them a job in Spain and then forced them to undergo breast augmentation and liposuction operations.

Once they traveled to Spain, they were locked up in apartments and sexually exploited to pay an alleged debt of 12.000 euros for the expenses incurred.

Some of the victims also reported physical assaults to the Police. They even testified that La Diabla did Women’s “sales” to other clubs or pimps when their victims “were no longer performing.”

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arrest pimp exploiting Venezuelan transsexuals

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