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Close to the start of the construction of the new air terminal in the Jorge Chávez AirportLima Airport Partners (LAP), a concession company, has proposed a new change to Addendum 7 signed in 2017 with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

“What is currently envisaged (the contract) is a blackout, closing one of the passenger terminals and starting with the new one. Now LAP proposes to maintain two terminals, which is not the scheme of Addendum 7, but we are in another situation in which COVID-19 was not predictable, “reported Verónica Zambrano Copello, president of the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Transportation Infrastructure for Public Use (Ositran).

In this regard, it indicated that the State has been evaluating the proposal. “The objective is that there is a new terminal in the indicated terms. What (the proposal) says is that it be modular, as demand returns to normal, so as not to make an investment that often ends up being a white elephant, “he said.

It should be noted that the MTC reported that for the second week of December the laying of the first stone for the construction of the new passenger terminal at the Jorge Chávez International Airport is scheduled, in which US $ 700 million will be invested and will generate 3,500 jobs.

“We are still reviewing (the proposal) well, we are seeing what decision must be made, it was never thought that a situation like this (COVID-19) would arise,” Zambrano noted during the Forum of Regulatory Bodies of Peru 2021 organized by AmCham Peru.

According to the official, the airport infrastructure in Peru was one of the most affected by the pandemic and there is still uncertainty regarding the industry because the number of flights continues at low levels, so the possibilities of investment closings persist. “Investments in this sector are not moving as fast,” he said.


-According to the president of Ositran, the outlook in the country is not encouraging yet for investments, due to the situation of the pandemic, economic slowdown, corruption problems, political crisis and the scenario of a change of government.

-Also, he indicated that, due to corruption cases, investments that could close social gaps in the country have been stopped. For the transport infrastructure sector alone, a project gap of US $ 57.5 billion is estimated

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