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‘Encanto’, the Disney movie which was released worldwide at the end of last November, it contains a world of natural and cultural references of Colombia. And of course, if the story is set in the country.

We are very proud that the new Disney production has been inspired by the inexhaustible natural and cultural wealth of Colombia, as well as the warmth and kindness of our people.“, expressed the president of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro.

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‘Encanto’ will be a unique showcase that, in addition to delighting millions of spectators, will increase interest in our country in all corners of the world“he added.

Undoubtedly, this wonderful film will allow us to strengthen our Colombia country brand at an international level and will represent an opportunity that we must take advantage of to continue positioning the opportunities that our country offers.“he continued.

The film takes place in Colombia and focuses, in the purest style of magical realism, in ‘los Madrigal’, a family that lives in the mountains and in which all its members have special powers except ‘Mirabel’, a young woman, 15 years old, who struggles to find her gift and save her family from a threat that can make disappear magic.

If you have already seen it and were not so clear about the references or if you have not seen it, but want to take them into account, here we will tell you about them.

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During the film, reference is made to flowers, especially to the Orchid, which is the national flower of the country.

Likewise, ‘Encanto’ is recreated in an area that reflects what the Cocora Valley, a natural landscape located in the tourist area of Coffee Axis, stranded in the central mountain range of the Andes and which is drawn by wax palms, another of the national symbols of Colombia.

There are also some animals that inhabit the country, such as the jaguar; of the chigüiro (capybara, capybara), which is the largest rodent in the world; of the danta, that lives in the Andean forests and in the moors; of the tucán, or of hummingbird, Well, Colombia is the country with the most species of this bird.

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The animated feature film also pays homage to the Colombian Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez and, during the film, they are seen, for example, yellow butterflies, like those that persecuted ‘Mauricio Babilonia’ to his grave in the book ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’.

House in homage to ‘Encanto’ for viewers to live experiences related to the film.

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Likewise, the varied Colombian gastronomy is portrayed with representations of arepas; from café, which is the most recognized drink of the country in the world, and achiras, a typical preparation of the departments of Huila and Tolima that is made with the base of achira or sago starch, a plant of South American origin used by pre-Hispanic peoples of Peru and Colombia.

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The flowery white dinnerware from the municipality of Carmen de Viboral, in the department of Antioquia, are also part of the cultural ‘charm’ that the country is shown in the Disney movie.

Traditional clothing was not left out of the film either, as the characters wear Andean ruanas, traditional hats of the Caribbean and the coffee region and typical costumes such as that of ‘Mirabel’, the protagonist.

Other cultural references to which ‘Encanto’ appeals are the accordion, the musical instrument that serves as the basis for vallenato, and pots, a handcrafted product made up of figures made of sugar and adorned with multicolored papers and dolls typical of the department of Valle de Cauca.


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