Wild femicide of a foreigner who was found bloody in a Hotel in Cancun: her husband was arrested

Activists and relatives of victims of femicide demonstrate to demand justice today, in the resort of Cancun, Quintana Roo state (Mexico). EFE / Alonso Cupul

Today in the morning an apparent case of femicide was reported in the hotel facilities All Ritmo de Puerto Juárez, Cancun. The hotel located in the Av. López Portillo, notified the authorities that in the early hours of today a woman of foreign origin was allegedly murdered by her husband, who is also of foreign origin.

Workers there notified 911 after finding the woman’s body in room 426 of the lodging center. The hotel is located two kilometers from the Playa del Niño, Course to Punta Sam.

According to information from the Quintana Roo authorities, the main suspect in the murder of the woman is her romantic partner, who has already been detained and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry to carry out the pertinent investigations.

Ministerial agents from the area of Homicides and staff of Expert Services of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) for lifting the body. Until now, the nationality of the foreign couple is unknown and if they reside within the country or were tourists.

Through their networks the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office notified about the arrest of the victim’s partner, who will be investigated for his probable participation in the feminicide of the woman.

“#FGEQuintanaRoo reports that it detained a man of foreign nationality, a probable participant in the femicide of a woman, also of foreign nationality, inside a hotel in Benito Juárez … (1/2)”


Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office notified that it has currently been handed over to the corresponding authorities, who began with the pertinent procedures to initiate the investigation folder of the case.

“The accused, who was a partner of the victim, has already been made available to the Public Ministry, which initiated the corresponding investigation folder. (2/2) “


According to him National Public Security System, In Mexico, from 2020 to May, a total of 2021 326,634 cases of gender violence were registered while the health crisis due to Covid-19 was passing.

Wendy Figeroa, director of the National Shelter Network comments that in 2020 there was a 40% increase in violence against women, an index that grew in the first half of 2021 by 4%. In addition, the rate of 10 femicides per day reached 18 murdered women and girls in 2020.

A femicide is the murder of a woman for the simple fact of being a woman, violence against women has its origin in gender inequality, that is, in the position of subordination, marginalization and risk. According to the Federal Penal Code, femicide is typified in article 325, which establishes:

“Anyone who deprives a woman of her life for gender reasons commits the crime of femicide. It is considered that there are gender reasons when any of the following circumstances occur:

So far in 2021, the rate of victims has been positioned at 1.1 for every 100 thousand women in the country. According to him Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, This rate will grow in the coming months, when a greater number of victims of this cruel crime continue to accumulate.


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