Diego Armando Maradona and his unforgettable memory with Cruz Azul at the Estadio Azul

Diego Armando Maradona and his unforgettable memory with Cruz Azul at the Estadio Azul
Diego Armando Maradona and his unforgettable memory with Cruz Azul at the Estadio Azul

Has passed one year since he is physically gone in this world that seemed to be so small, of that unexpected November 25 in which the entire planet shook at the news of his match. The day the ball cried and soccer died. Today is fulfilled one year since Diego Armando Maradona he left the world in which he consecrated himself as God and then the memories come and more than one takes place in Mexico, one in particular, with Blue Cross.


Your image in Aztec territory There has been only one, the immortal, with which he established himself as the best footballer in the world and of all time: Maradona on the field of the Azteca Stadium, with the World Cup in his hands, with a giant smile and consummating the matchless love he had for the ball with a kiss that made the universe surrender at his feet.

But beyond the Immortal diego, from the legend and figure who signed the Goal of the Century and lent him his hand to God so that his Argentina would shout a goal against the country ‘that killed them boys in the Falklands‘, as described by the star himself, there was a Humble Diego who returned to Mexico 18 years after the feat to vibrate again the land that saw him be crowned World Champion.

It was on March 19, 2002, the date that can never be forgotten: Diego Armando Maradona jumped onto the field of Estadio Azul and he immediately came across some of the figures of that Blue Cross, incidentally, including the Champion technical director, Juan Reynoso, as ‘4’ and team captain; to the ‘Matute’ Morales hugged him, with that joy that he squandered at every step, too joked with the ‘Loco’ Abreu and went on his way.

All, the players of the team of the friends of Carlos Hermosillo placeholder image they carried the number 27 on the bib, in homage to cement idol that that afternoon he was saying goodbye to the fields, all but one: Diego, for obvious reasons. The eternal 10 wore his 10, intact, as always and so began his chair in Mexican territory, one more time.

He only played 20 minutes, a recent knee operation, and his terse humility for not wanting to overshadow the ‘Big man from Cerro Azul’ in his farewell party, were the reasons; even so, signed the assist for the first goal and later, when he was about to shake the nets, was knocked down in the area and the whistler scored the maximum penalty. Carlos Hermosillo changed the penalty for the goal and celebrated with his friend Diego.

On the scoreboard they registered
10 goals, five for each team, but that was the least, the venue
He applauded the Argentine star and gave himself to him as any soccer lover would give him, where his figure was present.
Diego Armando Maradona He left and left one more memory in
Mexico with Cruz Azul, of those that make their fervent smile and cry, then,
every November 25.

“Nobody has so much fun and fun chatting with the ball. Nobody gives as much joy as this magician who dances and sneaks and solves matches with an impossible pass or a fulminating shot. In the frigid football of the end of the century, the man who it showed us that fantasy can also be effective. We have all been left a little more alone “, Eduardo Galeano.

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