Victoria Rodríguez Ceja will be governor of Banxico, affirms AMLO – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out on Thursday that his administration has prepared an alternative in case the Senate does not approve the nomination of Victoria Rodriguez Ceja as governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

“There is no plan B because (the senators) are going to approve it. It would be nonsense, it would be to act in bad faith and most of the senators are responsible people ”, he affirmed in his press conference from Zacatecas.

The president stressed that the current Undersecretary of Expenditures in the Ministry of Finance meets the profile required for the governorship of the Central Bank.

“She manages the entire budget, we are talking about 6 billion pesos, which has to maintain the balance, which has to adhere to what is authorized in the budget in Congress, so you cannot spend more than what is authorized. How can you not have experience?”, He remarked.

Rodríguez Ceja thanked the president for his nomination to Banxico and assured that among his main tasks will be to fight inflation (which in November reached its highest level in 20 years) and to comply with the autonomy of the Central Bank.

What requirements must Rodríguez Ceja meet to be governor of Banxico?

According to the Organic Law of the Central Bank, article 39 stipulates the three necessary requirements to be able to belong to the Governing Board:

The first condition mentioned in the law is that the candidate must be a Mexican citizen and must not be over 65 years of age as of the start date of the period during which they will hold the position.

The second requirement stipulates that the person must have occupied senior positions in the Mexican financial system for at least five years, as well as having recognized monetary competence.

Finally, the third requirement is not to have a sentence for any crime and not to have been removed from any position on the Governing Board, unless this was due to a physical disability that has already been overcome.


Victoria Rodríguez Ceja governor Banxico affirms AMLO Financiero

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