the places where they will ask you

the places where they will ask you
the places where they will ask you

This noon the president of the Tip, Ximo Puig, has appeared before the media to give details of the obligatory of the covid passport in the Valencian Community. Given the latest data from the pandemic coronavirus, in which we have been chaining nearly a thousand daily infections for several days and where the cumulative incidence is 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the Generalitat Valenciana has decided to implement the covid certificate that shows that people have the complete vaccination schedule.

In his speech, Puig has indicated in what places and times it will be mandatory to present the covid passport. In principle, it is expected that this measure will be launched from next December 3 although it must first be authorized by the courts.

Where is the covid passport mandatory in the Valencian Community

  1. Establishments hospitality and catering with a capacity greater than 50 people

  2. Premises of Leisure and entertainment.

  3. Spaces for recreational activities and random (such as bingo halls or casinos) that have a restaurant service.

  4. Centers hospitable when you leave visit

  5. The visits to residences both public and private

  6. EWinds, celebrations and music festivals (both indoors and outdoors) when the mask cannot be used at all times.

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