There was use of public resources on 21N

There was use of public resources on 21N
There was use of public resources on 21N
EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez

The Venezuelan Electoral Observatory reported that during the elections of mayors and governors on November 21, it observed in 68% of voting centers the transfer of voters with public resources. Of that figure, 35.3% belonged to communal councils, members of the Local Supply and Production Committee, leaders or street bosses.

The national observers, 780 distributed in 194 municipalities of the 23 states and in 21 parishes of the Capital District, also registered that in 32.8% of the schools there was citizen mobilization with resources from the national government, governorates or mayoralties controlled by the ruling party.

He added that, although they are still high, these percentages represent 28 percentage points lower in relation to the data obtained in the parliamentary elections of December 2020, in which a significant bulk of the opposition did not participate.

Also from the opposition

This same practice It was observed in 12.5% ​​of the states and municipalities with opposition or non-official governorships or mayoralties. Volunteers did not witness the transfer of voters with public resources to 45.8% of polling stations.

Venezuelan Electoral Observatory

In a report of the Venezuelan Electoral Observatory It was pointed out that in 12% of the centers it was reported that there were voters induced to vote in favor of a particular candidate or political party. In 8% it was possible to verify intimidation or coercion practices at the time of voting for the electors.

Accompaniment without request

Likewise, 1 in 10 volunteers witnessed that a voter was accompanied without requesting it at the time of voting.

“It is important that Venezuelans review the operation of the voting center (polling station members, lottery, selection and training of polling station members, Plan República and CNE staff), and the behavior of the public powers in general, to guarantee the exercise of free of the right to vote for all voters, “said the observatory.

Venezuelan Electoral Observatory

The observers recorded that in 7 of every 10 centers observed there were witnesses to the Great Patriotic Pole. Likewise, witnesses from the Unitary Platform were seen in 5 out of 10 centers; from the Democratic Alliance in 4 out of 10 centers, and from other non-official political parties in 3 out of 10.

Party points: Chavismo and the opposition

Most of the volunteers observed the presence of partisan points or zones where they induced voters to go before or after voting around the voting center. Thus, there were points of the ruling party on the outskirts or in the surroundings of 6 out of 10 voting centers.

“The so-called red dots, which used to be generally expressed on highly visible red kiosks or awnings, in the last two elections they have functioned without much structure (people at a desk, on a sidewalk or public space taking care, or even in a nearby home) ”, he pointed out.

Less frequently, in 27.6% of the centers observed there were opposition points from the Democratic Unity Table. In 14% other non-official political parties also used these points.

Venezuelan Electoral Observatory

He recalled that on June 29, the National Electoral Council communicated that, with the consensus of political actors, it would return to normal the express prohibition of the placement of stalls, tents or marquees by political parties on Election Day around the polling stations.

“We recommend to political actors, for future elections, finally fulfill the warranty not for the first time promised and unfulfilled of the non-deployment of partisan points. The Electoral Power should also be strict in guaranteeing compliance with these regulations ”, suggested the observatory.

He pointed out that in 30.8% of the centers observed, propaganda in favor of the Great Patriotic Pole was seen in their surroundings during the day; in 9.7%, from other non-official parties.

The volunteers found in 8.7% of those in the schools there was propaganda of the Unitary Platform, and in the surroundings of 7.5% pieces of candidacies of the Democratic Alliance during the day.

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