Toyota Argentina: the hybrid Hilux is in development and will arrive in our country in the next generation

Toyota Argentina: the hybrid Hilux is in development and will arrive in our country in the next generation
Toyota Argentina: the hybrid Hilux is in development and will arrive in our country in the next generation

EThis Wednesday a new edition of the Toyota Argentina Technical Skills Contest was held at the Zárate plant. There, in addition to witnessing the event, we had the opportunity to dialogue with Diego Prado, Director of Corporate Communications for the brand. In the interview we talked about various topics that we will detail in another note, but one of the most important has to do with the future of the Buenos Aires industrial complex and its most iconic product, the Hilux, which, as we already know, will also be part of the strategy. company electrification.

“The Hybrid Hilux is in the process of development. We have an environmental challenge, which are a series of goals that the company committed to achieve, such as neutrality of CO2 emissions. Within that objective there are several more in the short term and one of them, by 2025, is that the entire Toyota line-up must have at least one electrified version. So the next version of Hilux is going to have its electrified variant, most likely it will be a hybrid ”, Prado anticipated.

Asked if this version will be presented in the next generation and if it will be manufactured in Argentina, the manager stated: “The next generation of Hilux is already going to come with a motorization with some type of electrification. The hybrid Hilux continues its development process and we hope to have it produced in Zárate soon ”.

Regarding the possibility of incorporating a third model to the production line, Prado explained: “We continue to study that possibility. As always, we are looking for different alternatives to find new business opportunities in Argentina and in the region, but hey, at the moment we still cannot give any details on this matter. Yes, we continue with feasibility studies with different models ”.

Unofficial rumors:

Beyond the executive’s statements, in recent months some more data on its development became known –information that was not confirmed by the brand for obvious reasons-, but that makes a lot of sense if we analyze them. In this case, we take as a reference an article in the Japanese magazine Best Car: one of the questions that the managers raised as a matter to resolve is whether their mechanics would combine a gasoline engine or a diesel engine with the electric motor, considering that diesel engines Due to their higher torque and performance, they are usually indicated for a utility vehicle. Finally, the Japanese firm would have decided to develop a diesel engine to adapt it to electrification.

According to the press, Toyota is working on the 2.5 and 3.5 diesel engines of the new generation of the Land Cruiser Prado, whose presentation is scheduled for 2023. In the case of the Hilux, SW4 and HiAce, the combination would be the diesel 2.5 hybrid, with a power that should be around or exceed 200 hp, which would be presented in 2024 and will be produced in Argentina for our region. For that year, the local subsidiary hopes to be able to expand the Zárate plant in order to increase production and even add a third model to the line.

In this way, the kinship between the iconic off-road vehicle of the Japanese firm and the pick-ups is further reaffirmed: it is known that the Hilux, the Tacoma and even the Tundra use the TNGA-F platform, a stringer chassis that will receive various adaptations in order to conform to the vehicle that carries it. Likewise, the three trucks will also share with the Land Cruiser its range of engines, both conventional and hybrid that are being developed.

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