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La Piscina, in Bogotá, was a family building from the 1940s

La Piscina, in Bogotá, was a family building from the 1940s
La Piscina, in Bogotá, was a family building from the 1940s

What many Bogota citizens do not know is that La Piscina was located in a family apartment building built in the 40’s. This was recalled by the historian Felipe Arias, who told a part of the history of the place


“Now that La Piscina is closing, can the old apartment building that served as its headquarters be recovered? It was designed by José María Montoya Valenzuela at the beginning of the 1940s, when the separator of Caracas was a park, ”Arias explained in that social network.

Founded in 2003, La Piscina became one of the most famous brothels in Colombia. Proof of it, some of the extravagant anecdotes that occurred in the place and that were revealed in 2014 by Avelino Chivatá, former administrator of the place, in an interview with Soho.

“What I like the most is see foreigners grab their heads when they are in the VIP area and they can’t believe what they see. Colombian women are very open, ”Chivatá commented to that magazine. (See also: La Piscina nightclub, in Bogotá, is no more: he got into a judicial problem).

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The man added that the usual clientele of the place consisted of “prosecutors, attorneys, mayors, oilmen, ranchers and even senators”. He also added that a large part of visitors came from other countries just to experience the site.

Commercials, music videos and films such as ‘La Guaca’ had as their setting the nightclub in the center of Bogotáthe man in the middle recalled.

At that moment, between 200 and 300 women worked in the establishment that this Wednesday was sealed in a process of extinction of domains that involves its owner, José Arbey Giraldo, who was captured 2 weeks ago in an operation against micro-trafficking in the center of the city.

Other information about the place, shared by Portafolio, shows that the place was bigger than many thought. The swimming pool building it was 7,000 square meters, a height of 8 floors and 85 furnished rooms.

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