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María Fernanda Cabal fights with Uribistas for not being a presidential candidate

María Fernanda Cabal fights with Uribistas for not being a presidential candidate
María Fernanda Cabal fights with Uribistas for not being a presidential candidate

Óscar Iván Zuluaga was chosen as the man who will carry the flag of Uribe in the next presidential elections, after winning an internal consultation and prevailing over María Fernanda Cabal, Rafael Nieto and other candidates who dreamed of taking the lead, just as Iván Duque did until he was elected as president.

Although María Fernanda Cabal denied that she was sad about this decision, she has made a lot of emphasis that she will continue to fight for the Democratic Center , although in his intention to seek transparency within the party, he already had a first encounter.

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María Fernanda Cabal asks for transparency in the Democratic Center

So far, the party headed by Álvaro Uribe Vélez has not made public the information on how the internal elections were that led Óscar Iván Zuluaga to be the presidential candidate.

Although there was a revelation from Darcy Quinn, Cabal wants to officially know the results and asked for it on social networks.

“Everything must be made public, out of respect for the voters: 1) The sample 2) The data collected, including the 3000 discarded surveys. This, until today, has not been handed over to the audit, or to the oversight ”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

This request is made four days after he lost the internal elections and that the same members of the Democratic Center are sowing doubts about the results, as is the case of Ernesto Macías.

“I ask the Party leaders to officially make public the results of the polls, the signatures that carried them out and the audit they verified,” said the senator who does not want ‘little games’, also on the ‘little bird’ social network.

(See here: Gustavo Bolívar believes that Cabal was cheated on by Uribism: “She was the candidate”)

María Fernanda Cabal fights with Natalia Bedoya, a young Uribe player

Natalia Bedoya is one of the young women who has become famous for sharing her views on give full support to everything that happens in the Democratic Center.

However, in its trajectory it has been surrounded by controversies on behalf of some millionaire contracts with different State entities and regional mayors that have greatly annoyed Colombians.

Bedoya, on his Twitter, also gave an opinion on the internal elections of Uribismo and there he pointed out that Zuluaga gave ‘soup and dry’ to his opponents. “Let it be known that the winner doubled to second place in the poll“, wrote.

It was in that message that María Fernanda Cabal asked for transparency about the elections and also reminded Natalia Bedoya of those contracts that have criticized her so much. This was the message that many believe sparked an internal fight in the Democratic Center:

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