Black Friday Argentina 2021: what is it, when does it start and what offers are there

Every year, Black Friday takes place in the United States. It is a day of offers whose concept was born to accompany Thanksgiving Day. The term, which came from before, It was first used in connection with discounts by The New York Times in 1975.

Different Argentine brands have joined this event since 2013 and this year will be no different: the most important e-commerce sites in the country will offer significant discounts in all areas. Black Friday will take place Friday, November 27. However, the sellers advanced the offers and began selling on Monday the 23rd. The best deals will be available this Friday.

What is Black Friday and where does it come from

It is a day of super-aggressive offers whose concept was born in the United States. Every “Black Friday” chains and shops are open until after 12 at night and sell their items at heavily discounted prices. In your home country, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. I mean, the fourth Friday in November. In Argentina, the WalMart chain was the pioneer in importing the initiative. This was in 2013. Since that year, several chains and stores wear black on a Friday in November to boost consumption.

Today, it is synonymous with shopping and discounts, but it began as a historic day in the 19th century. Due to an oversupply of gold made by President Grant in 1869, prices around the North American country fell 18%, thus creating an economic chaos that affected the fortunes of many people in the United States, this day was christened “Black Friday”

The term reappeared in 1951 and 1952, but for reasons other than economics, since it was used to describe the custom of the thousands of workers missing their jobs the day after Thanksgiving, with the excuse of being sick. Ten years later, in 1961, it resurfaced in the city of Philadelphia, used by police officers to describe the tumult of people who began their Christmas shopping that day..

Commercial content appeared in the 1980s, when it was adopted by various publications and merchants to sell the idea of ​​a day dedicated to shopping. According to the story, it was adopted because the merchants did not present losses that day, so in the balance book the totals were noted in black ink, meaning a positive balance, contrary to the red ink which means loss.

On Argentina is also called ‘Black Friday’, while in countries like Colombia it is called ‘Black Weekend’. In Mexico, for example, ‘El Buen Fin’ has been implemented for 5 years.

What offers are on Black Friday and how to buy

Although the offers are available to everyone, in Argentina there are certain limitations. Many of the stores are not present in the country and the shipping charges are very expensive, when not directly impossible to make the shipment.

It should be noted that payments are made to the official dollar and without taxation (65% is not charged).

The best way to buy is to use the companies that offer themselves as an alternative to the Door to Door system (the official way) to place orders abroad, the focus is on improving different aspects of the official platform.

One of the companies is Argentina’s Aerobox. The process is simple: once the account is created, the users of the site can buy in different e-commerce pages of the world from Amazon to Alibaba. The company receives the packages at a virtual address in Miami, making a consolidation of the packages.

Purchases are centralized in the office that the company has in Miami and from there shipping is made to any point in Argentina (Regarding this, it should be noted that the company has a commercial presence in both countries, thus reducing the possible frictions that may arise). The company charges a shipping fee that varies by species, weight, etc.

Several of the most recognized brands in the US and the rest of the world have already started releasing offers. From the companies they call it “pre” Black Friday although the discounts are still good. It is estimated that there will be discounts of up to 70% in different areas such as clothing and technology.

Another of these companies is Ioimporto, which allows you to make purchases anywhere in the world, which are sent to a warehouse in Miami and then all purchases are consolidated into a single package that is sent Door to Door and in five days arrives in Buenos Aires and then dispatched to any part of Argentina. The system allows you to buy directly from the pages of the official brands (be it Amazon, eBay or any direct brand such as GAP) avoiding unnecessary costs of intermediaries and saving on the entire shipment of the orders since they are grouped in a single shipment.

“When we started, people searched a lot on Chinese pages and bought items for 0.50 cents on the dollarSomeone brave was encouraged and bought something for 5 or 10 dollars, customers came with many bad experiences using the traditional import service, having to do all the customs procedures, from AFIP, go to the post office to look for the product in long lines, and so on. Today the service is more fluid and there are even SMEs that bring supplies from abroad for their products “, explains Lucas German Fernández, owner and founder of the company.

As with local e-commerce, purchases abroad exploded during the pandemic. “2020 was something very important for electronic commerce, the quarantine greatly promoted online purchases. We had a 600% growth last year and a lot of new users, in fact there were industry-wide delays with deliveries and we had to move to a larger warehouse in order to meet expectations of our clients. Today we are completely regularized in time, “adds Fernández.”Another change that surprised us was that before the age range for the use of our service did not exceed 45 years and since last year we saw ourselves advising grandparents to buy abroad, due to the need to have a computer to be able to make video calls with their grandchildren, “he mentions.

One of the most valued points of purchases abroad is, not so much the possibility of direct purchases and access to a better catalog, but the savings. For Argentine taxes, it is almost certainly more expensive to buy certain products in the country than to bring them from abroad. Savings can even be as high as 50%. “The most important thing to understand is that we are a company that works 100% legal, When you import with the Post, you have to pay 50% taxes on the excess of a minimum franchise that it imposes, but when I use I import each product is declared exactly in its tariff position, and in this way the corresponding taxes that each product must pay are paid, for example a laptop, a tablet or a smartwatch only have 10.5% taxes, so using our service not only less taxes are paid it also saves customers from doing a lot of cumbersome customs and AFIP formalities“, they explain from the company.

One of them is ATuCasa. It is a 100% Argentine venture that promises to facilitate intermediation between international e-commerce, mainly those with headquarters in the United States and China, and Argentine consumers. The platform also It also offers a control panel where the user can see the status of their package, photos and other useful information such as weight and delivery date at destination.. Here we detail the operation of the platform in 2018.

Another of the companies will be Storemia, the Marketplace that groups purchases from Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Macy’s in the US, will have offers for Black Friday that will reach 90% off.

What to buy on Black Friday

The Apple iPhone 8 It will be obtained from AR $ 60,000 (final price), that is, 6 installments of approx. AR $ 10,000. It was the most attractive offer on Cyber ​​Monday in Argentina. And the user will be able to recover AR $ 12,000 from the perception of 35% on account of earnings and personal property. In other words, the final price would then be around AR $ 48,000.

The porrones Stanley that are 50% cheaper than in the local market. The final price is AR $ 6,000 (or 6 installments of AR $ 1,000) and it keeps the cold very much. The user will be able to recover AR $ 1,260 from the perception of 35% on account of earnings and personal property. The final price would then be around AR $ 4,800.

The Apple iPad Mini 2021, the new model, will be obtained from AR $ 117,000 (6 installments of approx. AR $ 19,000), while in the local market it is at AR $ 200,000. In Tiendamia it is 42% cheaper. And in addition, the user recovers AR $ 23,000 from the perception of 35% on account of earnings and personal property. The final price would then be around AR $ 94,000.

The famous Termo Stanley It will be obtained from AR $ 6,000 (or 6 installments of AR $ 1,000).

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