Crazy: police ran over a young man to identify him

Crazy: police ran over a young man to identify him
Crazy: police ran over a young man to identify him

a young man circulating in a motorcycle turned out injured when it was ramming for patrolman in which two were mobilized cops who tried to identify him in the La Plata town of Toulouse, reported police sources.

Due to the fact, the Ministry of Security of the province of Buenos Aires confirmed that they had already summarized and disaffected both troops involved, who were serving in the Immediate Operations Tactical Unit (UTOI).

The sanction was adopted after a private security camera recorded the moment in which both effective circulated in patrolman down the street 120 and they locked up and rammed a young man on a motorcycle, whom they allegedly wanted to identify.

In the images, the young man, named “Valentine”, falls off the road and hits the asphalt, after which the policemen descended, lifted him from the ground and, after placing him with his hands raised against the police vehicle, they palpated its sides and they checked his backpack.

Shortly before being rammed, it is observed in the images that the young man slowed down and was getting ready to stop in response to police presence.

“My son told me that they pointed a gun at him. And despite the blows he suffered they never called an ambulance. There were two neighbors on the sidewalk who saw the whole sequence and they showed him the video, so the policemen left quickly, “said the mother in a statement to the TN news channel, after which she revealed that her son went to the hospital where after a X-ray plate they told him that had a cracked rib as a consequence of the fall.

“They told him he had to get in the truck because they were going to take him to the police station. My son refused and immediately called a lawyer friend who told him what to do next. What if he didn’t know how to defend himself. I am very concerned about the actions of the police, nothing happened to my son, but I watch the news and I am aware of the murder of Lucas and another man in a police station in San Clemente del Tuyú, “said the mother of the victim. .

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