Day against gender violence: Woman’s blood

Women’s groups protest against violence, in the Zócalo in 2019.Rebecca Blackwell (AP)

It is frequent that the foreigner is asked when she takes a taxi or enters the store or refuels: Are you not from here, right, and what do you think of Mexico? Wonderful, if it weren’t for the terrible violence it would be a true paradise, she replies. The conversation, more than once, continues in this way: Ah, well, sure, but that happens everywhere.

This is the root of the problem or one of the deepest roots. Violence in Mexico has figures for a country at war, but Mexicans do not know it. As in any warlike conflict, women bear the worst of it, but people do not know it. To the murders of women associated with the drug corruption that corrodes this beautiful nation, we must add domestic, rape, mistreatment and female slavery of all kinds. That is to say, crimes that are (also) gender based. 3,957 homicides in 2020 that remain in the most absolute impunity. No, that definitely doesn’t happen everywhere. And to start fighting it, you have to take charge of reality. Ignorance is impunity. If people do not scream in the streets, the authorities will remain anesthetized.

With this panorama, each year, November 25 is reached, the date against ignominy. Everyone should feel concerned, that no one looks the other way. In times of feminism entangled in who knows how many skeins, reality stops us in front of the blood. This is the priority. The rest of the debates, for 8-M. Discuss then if we are all or all, if those who eat meat are feminists or not, if those who are in favor of abolishing prostitution or regulating it are feminists or not, if those who demonstrate in purple are feminists or paid by the right. But do not forget the priority: thousands of women are murdered every day for being born women and living women. Yes, women. And to govern you have to keep priorities in mind.

There are hate crimes, mistreated collectives, murders for being different, either because of color, clothing or any other sign that makes the one who feels comfortable in his pack uncomfortable. Against this, those who administer it must use the full weight of the law and society must raise its forceful voice. But let no one forget the prevailing mud that suffocates us: thousands of women, we must repeat the word, women, of all ages, end up being torn apart in the filthy carnage of machismo. If 8-M is a cause for dispute, let’s all group together (worth the masculine generic that some say it is so inclusive) on this date, 25-N, in this case, without nuances or doubts, or divisions, or debates that separate us off the road. Let’s look at the statistics, now that we can still differentiate to establish the inequality between one sex and the other. Because that difference is what is killing us.

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