Mendoza applies third dose from this Friday to people over 60 without a shift

The Provincial government I announced that from this Friday 26 Vaccination centers will be open for people to over 60 receive third doses against Covid-19. The only requirement the thing is 180 days must have passed (6 months) of the second dose. The government announced it through the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports.

This instance of vaccination is intended for older than 60 without comorbidities whose scheme vaccination is completed does al less 6 months. In turn, the third dose will also be given to the independent health professionals of all ages. They will be asked to present the registration, the DNI and that six months have also passed after the second vaccination.

The vaccination centers from Greater Mendoza, the East, the Uco Valley and the South of the province will be open during the usual hours. Then the complete list of places where the third dose will be applied:

The third dose for those over 60 is without a shift.

Greater Mendoza

Capital: Box Federation. Av. Bartolom Miter 1771 City.

Godoy Cruz: Benegas station. Address: Ruta Panamericana and Av. Del Trabajo. You enter the property through Av. Del Trabajo.

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Guaymalln: Le Parc. Address: Miter Y Godoy Cruz, Av. Miter S / N.

Las Heras: Polimeni Sports Center. Address: General Julio Argentino Roca 401.

Uspallata: Uspallata Hospital Dr. Luis Chrabalowski. Address: Tupungato and Aconcagua.

Lavalle: Sports Center. Remedios Escalada and San Martn streets.

The requirement to receive the third dose is that 6 months have passed since the second vaccination.

Lujn de Cuyo: Outpatient clinics. Address: Acceso Sur and Quintana.

Skip: Juan Domingo Ribosqui Sports Center. Address: Maza and Emilio Civit.

Regin East

Junn: Sports Center No. 1. Address: San Martn 15.

Peace: Hospital La Paz. Address: General Paz 2371.

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Rivadavia: Headquarters of the Municipal Da Club “Doa Francisca Jahan”. Address: Route 62 S / N.

Santa Rosa: Fernando Arenas Raffo Hospital. Address: Avenida San Martin 643, Villa Cabecera.

San Martn: Gustavo Torito Rodrguez Municipal Sports Center, Av. Eva Duarte de Pern S / N (Door 3).

Uco Valley Region

Saint Charles: Tagarelli Hospital. Address: Constitucin S / N, Eugenio Bustos.

Tunuyn: “Carlos Alonso” Congress and Exhibition Center, Address: Leandro Alem 745.

Tupungato: Hotel Turismo de Tupungato. Address: Belgrano 1060.

Regin Sur

General Alvear: Hospital Enfermeros Argentinos. Address: Emilio Civit S / N.

Malarge: Esquivel Aldao and Capdeville, Sports Center.

San Rafael: Congress and Exhibition Center. Address: Luis Tirasso 1025.

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