Supreme Court cited Jennifer Arias in a free version for academic plagiarism

After the Chamber of Instruction of the Supreme Court opened a preliminary inquiry against the representative to the Chamber for an alleged plagiarism in her degree thesis, the high court announced the date on which the congresswoman will be cited on a voluntary basis: the next 13 December 2021. Last Monday, the Externado University reported to the high court and the Prosecutor’s Office about a plagiarism in the Master’s thesis that he presented to graduate in Government and Public Policy. His thesis partner, Leydi Lucía Largo, was also summoned in the afternoon of the same day.

In context: The Externado University confirms that there was plagiarism in the thesis of Jennifer Arias

The Externado explained that before the journalistic complaints revealed by El Espectador, originated in an investigation of the Plagios SOS portal, they began a process of “detailed review” of the academic record of the authors of the thesis. The text of the thesis was subjected to a computer tool to detect plagiarism. “This operation yielded a significant number of coincidences with sources or documents published on the Internet by different authors,” said the educational center.

During the process, says El Externado, an expert in copyright and intellectual property was hired, who indicated that “it became evident that the necessary elements for the existence of an infringement of copyright, consisting of the reproduction or copy of original and protected elements of the mentioned works ”.

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In addition, the expert assured that it would be enough to do a simple reading to deduce how the president of the Chamber introduced fragments of other texts. On the other hand, El Externado confirmed that in the first days of November, both authors filed two copies of a document, arguing that it was the final and definitive version of their degree thesis. The text was not requested by the educational center and it does not fully coincide with the one sent, years ago, by the director of the final work.

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Supreme Court cited Jennifer Arias free version academic plagiarism

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