“He destroyed us, he wanted to kill him”: the drama of the beach boy’s daughters attacked in a parking lot

Arturo Lopez, the 66-year-old beach man who was violently beaten by a young man in a parking lot in downtown Buenos Aires on November 19 remains interned in intensive care in a clinic in the Flores neighborhood and his prognosis is reserved.

In a dialogue with the media at the door of the clinic, the daughters of man, Florencia and Agostina, asked for justice and expressed their outrage: “The truth is that we are destroyed, (…) he completely destroyed our lives in two seconds, it was almost an attempted murder, it could have killed him ”.

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“My dad was not in an attitude of fighting or aggression,” he insisted. About López, he said that it is “a 66-year-old person who was super healthy, liked to play ball, underwent medical check-ups ”.

He also said that for 10 years he worked in the parking lot at 800 Moreno Street and that he had a very good relationship with the other employees and the residents of the neighborhood.

“Because of a 17-year-old kid our life is suffering, we are afraid, angry”said the young woman.

The medical report of the beachman attacked in a downtown parking lot

Agostina said that her father’s condition is “critical” and the prognosis reserved. “It is a day to day, You can come and be told something good as something bad ”.

He also expressed the impact that the assault had on their lives: “I am afraid to sleep and that someone from the clinic wakes me up at night to give me bad news and it has been that way since it happened.” His sister, Florencia, was in Mexico and she came with the first flight she could take.

Agostina also commented that the family of the aggressor did not apologize and only contacted the garage to ask why the car was being held.

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In dialogue with TN, Dr. Joan Vega specified that López has a “moderate head trauma, with intraparenchymal hemorrhage and subdural hemorrhage2 and the prognosis is “reserved”.

How was the aggression to the beach

The attack occurred on Friday afternoon. The motive behind the assault is that the client found his car scratched and wanted an explanation.

A young man found the car scratched and hit the beach man

As can be seen in the images that the security cameras recorded, the young aggressor was accompanied by his mother and his two brothers. Without further ado he put a pineapple to Lopez, what He fell unconscious and lay motionless on the floor.

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