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Strengthening the avenues of popular participation will make the Revolution sustainable (+ Audio)

Strengthening the avenues of popular participation will make the Revolution sustainable (+ Audio)

2021-11-24 22:35:33 / [email protected] / Demetrio Villaurrutia Zulueta

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Havana-. Beyond the material problems, the means of popular participation will be what will give sustainability to the Revolution, affirmed the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez during a videoconference with the presidents of the Assemblies. Municipal of Popular Power, which was led by the member of the Political Bureau and President of the National Assembly, Esteban Lazo Hernández.

“We must strengthen the means of participation, which is what makes the Revolution truly sustainable in the communities.”, he pointed out. And he added that it is important to control and demand that the delegate of the People’s Power, the Council of Administration, the commissions of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, and the proper functioning of state institutions can make.

We are talking about quality, about culture of detail and about moving away from vulgarity and bungling in all transformation actions, he said.

The Cuban Head of State shared concepts such as participation and popular control, how to do politics, the defense of Socialism and anti-imperialism, and to appreciate the delegate of the People’s Power not only as a representative of the people but also as a symbol of our system. socialist socialist.

The Cuban president called to take advantage of all possible scenarios to denounce the ideological subversion against our country.

One of the items on the meeting’s agenda was the progress of the process of accountability of the delegate to his constituents, which began on October 10 and will culminate on December 20, in which more than 2 have participated to date. million 800 thousand Cubans.

Esteban Lazo Hernández, President of the National Assembly of People’s Power, described this process as of great political importance, which has been characterized by participation. To date, more than 30,000 assemblies have been held throughout the country, he said.

Presidents of the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power interacted during the videoconference, and presented their experiences in the exercise of government in their territories as well as the evaluation of the progress of the accountability process, the follow-up to the proposals that arose and the ways to solve them .

For the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, the work of transforming the neighborhoods is here to stay, because also with this experience, popular participation and control is strengthened.

“We are talking about a revolutionary articulation that takes advantage of all the potential of revolutionary force that we have at the community level, at the district level, at the local and municipal level, to advance with our efforts and our talent.”

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz spoke of the need to continue strengthening the structures of the municipalities because they are key in moving towards greater autonomy for these bodies.

The ideas outlined by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party during the closing speech of the past Eighth Congress and their implementation to strengthen the concept of People’s Power and advance the work in municipalities and communities was another point on the agenda of the videoconference on Wednesday, which was also attended by the member of the Political Bureau and Secretary for Organization and Politics of Cadres, Roberto Morales Ojeda and the member of the Political Bureau and Vice President of the Republic, Salvador Valdés Mesa.

The concept of People’s Power, which strengthens the unity of all Cubans at a time when the country begins to go through the so-called new normal, and advances from its own efforts, constitutes a strength in a nation where the resurgence of the blockade and the actions of our enemies try to discredit the government’s management that grows and multiplies, with the accompaniment of millions of Cubans.

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