They present documentary “The first thing to save” (+ Audio and Video)

They present documentary “The first thing to save” (+ Audio and Video)

2021-11-24 15:53:56 / [email protected] / Andrés Machado Conte

Photos: Cubarte / Juan C. Borjas

Havana.– In memory of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz on the fifth anniversary of his departure to eternity, the Ministry of Culture held this Tuesday at the “José Martí” National Library of Cuba, the premiere of the documentary The first thing to save, by the audiovisual creator Santiago Ronaldo Feliú Miranda.

The well-known Cuban director and professor represented the selection of capital moments of culture in the Revolution, and above all the role of the beloved leader in each of them, on the billing of the material lasting almost an hour.

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Santiago Ronaldo Feliú Miranda highlighted the insertion of essential pieces from the Nueva Trova that identify each of the parts of the audiovisual proposal, which – according to his own words – define his very personal way of creation, as part of a family of relevant musicians.

The title of the documentary explicitly alludes to the famous phrase “Culture is the first thing to save”, pronounced by Fidel on November 20, 1993 at the opening of the V Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), in the depths of the so-called Special Period, after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe and the disappearance of the Soviet Union.

Feliú Miranda recalled audiovisuals by directors Roberto Chile, Rebeca Chávez, and Lourdes de los Santos, about the relationship of the Commander in Chief with the universe of Cuban culture as a result of the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

We propose the first chapter of the documentary “The first thing to save”:


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