They deny audios in social networks of serious children in the center of Cuba

The head of the Maternal and Child Care program in the Cuban province of Villa Clara, Dr. Yandry Alfonso, today denied the news that circulates on social networks about the alleged death and severity of children due to infection.

“This information that a group of children have been received in the Guard Corps of the José Luis Miranda Pediatric Hospital, in this city in the center of Cuba, in serious condition is totally false,” said a 2nd Degree specialist in Pediatrics.

The note that circulates on social networks alludes to an alleged condition, of unknown cause, which has caused a deceased and 10 minors admitted to the intensive care unit of the aforementioned institution.

“At this time, he said, there are no minors hospitalized for the alleged fact, nor is there the deceased mentioned by that process to which he attributes the presence of spots on the body with the subsequent closure of the glottis” he declared.

The doctor added that currently only five infants admitted in serious condition are registered, but related to other conditions unrelated to the infunds referred to in the audio.

“The current epidemiological situation corresponds to the time of year that increases Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI), without constituting an alarming behavior, and there are no other striking causes within the clinical picture competent to childhood”, concluded Dr. Yandry Alfonso .


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