Two teachers are denounced for sexual abuse and a group of parents tried to lynch them

Two teachers are denounced for sexual abuse and a group of parents tried to lynch them
Two teachers are denounced for sexual abuse and a group of parents tried to lynch them

A group of parents denounced a teacher and a physical education teacher from a kindergarten from the Buenos Aires town of Esteban Echeverría for sexual abuse. The parents of the abused children learned of the situation on Friday and quickly denounced the teachers involved, a 51-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man: “There are more than 50 complaints. This has just come to light, but we do not know how long the abuse has been going on, “a mother reportedly recounted. Argentine News.

“When I brought her to the garden she broke down in tears and with everything my daughter told me, I was enraged and I went with other parents to the police station. They are a teacher and the green room lady,” said another mother. Despite all the complaints made in the Federal Instruction Unit No. 3 in charge of the prosecutor Verónica Pérez under the heading of “abuse”, the situation exploded last Tuesday. The parents went to the kindergarten N ° 922 of Catamarca street at 1200 in El Jagüel with the intention of lynching the two teachers.

After 15 years they manage to prove how the sexual abuse of a girl was

Members of the 5th police station received the call that there was a group of parents who were trying to lynch two teachers for groping students at the institution. From that point on, they went to the scene of the events, where the violence was increasing.

The moment was captured on video by one of those present, and there are attacks against these teachers, police officers involved, broken glass and even robberies.

The videos of the attacks show how the parents jump on the accused teachers, who were protected by Buenos Aires police officers. Both defendants suffered superficial injuries and are out of danger. On the other hand, two policemen were injured after struggling with the parents, even the latter broke one of the headlights of the patrol car.

José Alperovich will be left without jurisdiction on December 10 and will have to face the complaint of sexual abuse

In addition to the attacks seen in the videos, there were robberies that occurred inside the office where the cooperator of the establishment works: from there a notebook computer and money were stolen. All these damages and thefts are under the investigation of Fernando Semisa of UFI N ° 4 of this Buenos Aires town.


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teachers denounced sexual abuse group parents lynch

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