Narcos México 3: what was Enedina Arellano Félix’s wedding really like

This is how this wedding was fictionalized (Photo: Instagram / @ narcos)

The latest installment of Narcos Mexico, the series that recounts the lives of personalities such as the family of the Arellano Félix, premiered on November 5 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Chapter two of Narcos Mexico 3 its titled As the flower, in this, one of the daughters of Benjamin Francisco Arellano Sánchez and Alicia Isabel Felix gets married. It is about Enedina Arellano Félix, who within this fiction married Claudio Vázquez, a lawyer from a former law firm in the city of Tijuana.

This marital union captures the attention of Adriana Nunez, a journalist from the newspaper called The voice of Tijuana, who tries to get enough information to verify that the family of the Arellano Félix is related and financed by the political class of Tijuana in the nineties, one of them was Carlos Hank González.

This is one of the only photos of Enedina on her wedding day (Photo: Special)

In both fiction and real life, the wedding took place in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe located in Tijuana, however, the name of the husband of the Narco mommy He is not Claudio Vázquez nor was he a lawyer.

According to a magazine publication Time, the man Enedina Arellano Félix married in the nineties was called Luis Toledo Carrejo placeholder image and his name appeared as the owner of some companies that the Arellano Félix family used to launder money.

Clearly the income that was being washed came from the profits of the Tijuana Cartel, a drug trafficking organization that transferred illicit substances to the United States thanks to the influence of narco juniors.

Ramón, Benjamin, and Enedina from the Arellano Félix family (Photo: Instagram / @ narcosmexico_empire)

It should be noted that in this type of production, some names are changed or omitted and the events are narrated in a different way to maintain a common thread of each chapter within the fiction, however, it is also about keeping the facts as faithful as possible to reality.

This is why, in the same way, Adriana Núñez is not inspired by any particular real researcherInstead, he is the personification of several journalists who showed interest in the actions, members of the drug trade and their ties with the Mexican political class.

The Arellano Félix family dominated drug trafficking in Mexico (Photo: Gil Pérez)

On the other hand, in the series it is stated that the medium The Voice of Tijuana It mocked government censorship at that time, as it printed its copies in the United States, however, this medium is not real either. There are versions that state that was actually inspired by Zeta, a seminar whose portal still works. This informative space was founded by the journalist Jesus Blancornelas, who was murdered.

Enedina is currently 60 years old and is more than just “the sister of the leaders of the Tijuana Cartel”, because “She is a woman who speaks little and avoids the eccentricities of other bosses and usually gets up very early”. In 2003, Jesús Blancornelas wrote that he had always advised his brothers with money laundering.

Endina Arellano Félix, the “Narco mommy” (Photo: File)

After the murder of their brother Ramón, who is identified as responsible for the massacre of a family in Ensenada, Baja California, in 1992, the Arellano Félix brothers made great efforts to keep the criminal organization afloat.

However, one by one they fell: Benjamín, leader of the cartel, was captured in March 2002. Francisco Javier fell in the United States in 2006. And Francisco Rafael was killed by a hitman dressed as a clown at a party in Los Cabos in 2013.

Once the trafficking cell was weakened, a woman assumed power: Enedina Arellano Felix, about 50 years old, who used to go unnoticed on the list of the most fearsome drug traffickers, according to the DEA.


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