They took the truck to him and he took it out almost in the style of “bombita Darín”

They took the truck to him and he took it out almost in the style of “bombita Darín”
They took the truck to him and he took it out almost in the style of “bombita Darín”

The scene seems to be taken from Wild Tales, it lasts less than ten seconds and miraculously did not end in a tragedy. It happened in Paraná when an offending driver knocked down a gate of the municipal corralón almost in the style of “bombita Darín” to take away his truck that had been hauled by bad parking.

The images went viral on social networks and show the moment when the driver, who had been denounced for parking in a garage and obstructing the entrance of a neighbor’s vehicle, violently pulls out his truck without being stopped by security personnel. .

It all happened in a warehouse located in Cinco Esquinas, where the Paraná bus terminal used to work, and a man appeared who, without saying a word or paying the fine, got into his Chevrolet s10 truck and fiercely left.

Before the astonished gaze of other offenders and the inspectors, the driver reversed and left violently as in the scene of the film Wild Tales, in which Ricardo Darín is one of the protagonists and places a bomb in his vehicle, which had been sent on different occasions to blow it up in the municipal corralón.

But the truth is that when reversing the driver rammed the gate of the municipal corralón, which luckily no one was passing circulating at that time, and then he fled.

Quickly, the employees called 911 Service to continue with the cameras to the offender and re-retain the vehicle.

The Traffic Department explained that “the vehicle had been hijacked on Monday for parking in a garage where entry was obstructing and a neighbor reported him to this office. “

They then explained that “the man entered the detained vehicle, without speaking to anyone, and took it away.” “It is normal for people to get angry about a ticket or the transfer of the vehicle, but this is the first time it happens“commented one of the inspectors.

Beyond the comparison with the character represented by Ricardo Darín, the actions of the driver put the lives of the inspectors at risk, of those who passed by the place and of the vehicles that passed on the street.

The police managed to follow the truck and stop it to take it back to the Traffic Directorate, while other aggravating factors were added to the driver’s case.



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