The new Olympus camera models will be renamed the OM System

The new Olympus camera models will be renamed the OM System
The new Olympus camera models will be renamed the OM System

MADRID, 28 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

The new Olympus camera models will be manufactured with the name of OM System, a change that is due to the sale of the brand to the Japanese investment fund Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) and for which from now on they will no longer be manufactured with that name.

The change does not imply that models that have been launched on the market under the Olympus name will no longer be marketed. In this way, the next products it launches OM Digital Solutions company they will coexist with the ancients until the end of the stock.

The company has announced this change

, where a video has been published in which the history of Olympus is told and where a review of some of its most representative models is made, such as the OM1 camera, as well as the philosophy of the company.

“There always comes a time when everyone must follow their own path and for us that moment is now. We are freeing ourselves from the past to begin a new chapter in our history“, the company narrates in the video, in which it is pointed out that, even if they change their name, what they defend” will never do it. “

In addition to this video, OM Digital Solutions has published another presentation video of the brand in which it also notifies that, in addition to lenses and cameras, OM System will extend to other products. Among them, binoculars and recorders.

The head of technology of the brand, Setsuya Kataoka, has also advanced that they are currently working in the final phase of development of a new camera. “With this new product, the system Micro Four Thirds, we are making massive strides into a new era, “he says.


Olympus camera models renamed System

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