Photoshop. The web version arrives; you won’t need the program

Adobe has announced new features coming to its ecosystem of creative applications, including the first web version of Illustrator and Photoshop and a tool to guarantee the authorship and authenticity of digital works of art, including the NFT format (tokens not expendable).

As part of its Adobe MAX event, the company unveiled “dozens of new features and other innovations in Creative Cloud that help creators work together more effectively, create more efficiently, explore new media, and find new ways to prosper with their creative work “, as he has assured in a statement.

Its Photoshop and Illustrator image editing programs have been expanded and Adobe has presented its web versions, with which users can access projects from the Internet without having the ‘software’ installed on their computers.

The web versions of Photoshop and Illustrator allow you to invite other people to collaborate via URL without having to send a file as before. Other people are also not required to be subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud.

The first of the programs that will receive this function will be Photoshop, whose web version is already available in public beta, while in the case of Illustrator the beta is private.

Adobe launched the Content Authenticity Initiative two years ago, against ‘deepfake’ and to ensure authorship, and now this project crystallizes in the form of a new Photoshop feature for creating photos in NFT.

The company has implemented the ability to attach content credentials in Photoshop, which include information such as who created an image, when and where the photo was taken.

Content badges can prevent other people from taking over your work and selling it on the NFT marketplace, something for which the company has partnered with the NFT KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare marketplaces to display content badges.

More news with Adobe

Adobe has also implemented new features in Photoshop that make it easier to apply masks and that use the IA Sensei tool to make it possible to select all objects in an image automatically with the ‘auto mask’ function.

Photoshop has also expanded its ‘neural filters’, which use Sensei to perform in a few clicks complicated edits, such as changing facial expressions or coloring an image in black and white, while the new ‘Landscape Mixer’ function already allows you to change a landscape. landscape image from summer to winter or meadow to desert.

The Illustrator graphic editing tool is another one that receives news. Its version for iPad already has a preview of ‘Vectorize’ technology, which allows you to convert any image into a vector graphic, and 3D effects have been improved on the desktop and a library of 3D materials from Adobe Substance has been added.

The After Effects video effects editor, meanwhile, has added new rendering technologies that allow you to process multiple frames at once, reducing rendering time by up to four times. Premiere Pro also makes automatic speech-to-text transcription to generate captions faster.

As for the rest of the news, the quick selection also comes to Lightroom, the Substance 3D collection is launched with materials for the creation of three-dimensional images and Behance is also launched so that creators can offer subscriptions.

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