Bobby Kotick Slashes His Pay, Announces Goals to Eliminate Harassment and Discrimination at Activision Blizzard

Bobby Kotick Slashes His Pay, Announces Goals to Eliminate Harassment and Discrimination at Activision Blizzard
Bobby Kotick Slashes His Pay, Announces Goals to Eliminate Harassment and Discrimination at Activision Blizzard

Among all the judicial framework that surrounds Activision Blizzard, one figure stands out. Bobby Kotick, CEO of the company, has been established on several occasions as the person in charge of announcing the next movements of the entity, as well as publishing statements full of intentions.

Today, the person in charge has returned to make a public message, but directed to all the employees of the company. In it, he reiterates his commitment to the entire workforce in creating a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment. Kotick points out that the goal is to get Activision Blizzard Be a “Model Workplace in Our Industry.”

However, it recognizes that throughout the last decade, they have failed in “aspects of vital importance”, since there were people who “did not feel comfortable constantly reporting their concerns, or your concerns were not always addressed in a timely manner or adequate. “That is why he apologizes to the staff.

As a result of what happened, he assures that “voices will be heard, different perspectives will be addressed and contributions will be valued.” For this, Kotick has indicated Top Five Points Activision Blizzard Commits to Meeting throughout a dynamic change. These are the highlights:

  1. Zero tolerance policy for harassment: stricter rules, constant supervision. If an employee acts against someone who has filed a complaint, they will be fired immediately and without compensation. Processes will be carried out to verify whether or not the responsible personnel were able to avoid the harassment situation.
  2. Increase the percentage of women and non-binary people by 50% and 250 million dollars to boost employment in diverse talent: with a workforce that has 23% of people identified as women or non-binary, the aim is to increase the percentage in the next five years. Over 10 years, $ 250 million will be invested in creating job opportunities in minority communities.
  3. End of forced arbitration of complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination: Any employee who decides not to arbitrate your case of harassment, discrimination or other matter, will also affect Activision Blizzard waiving its obligation to do so.
  4. Greater visibility of pay equity in the workforce– An internal company analysis showed that in 2020 women were paid slightly more than men for similar work. Annual reports will be made with the progress made.
  5. Regular updates on the progress of the proposed initiatives: publication of quarterly reports on the progress of the measures described above in the different departments.

On the other hand, Bobby Kotick has decided to take an individual step towards himself. Specifically, he has asked the Activision Blizzard board to reduce his salary, so if it is met will go on to charge $ 62,500, the minimum by law for his position. In addition, he has added that he does not receive any bonuses stipulated in his contract. If carried out, this measure will remain until the objectives of commitment to equality and non-discrimination have been achieved.

Finally, Kotick has only referred to the investigation conducted by the EEOC as a “catalyst” to improve your internal policies. Together with this body, he reached an agreement for 18 million dollars to compensate the victims. The DFEH, a Californian institution, has objected due to the interference that this supposes in its initial lawsuit.

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