Heartbreaking: “My 5-year-old son called me from under the court door” – Tucumán

Heartbreaking: “My 5-year-old son called me from under the court door” – Tucumán
Heartbreaking: “My 5-year-old son called me from under the court door” – Tucumán

3 years ago, after suffering physical, verbal and psychological violence, Valentina orlando (29) took the strength to separate from the father of his children, but not before making the corresponding complaints to his ex-partner whom we will mention as J.P.R.M., complaints that even included death threats.

In spite of everything, the intention of this Tucuman from Cebil Redondo revealed that her idea was to continue with a relationship without major conflicts with his ex-partner, since during the first two years he chose not to initiate the demand for food, as a result of his ex’s threat to take away the children, aged 8 and 5, in in case he decided to go that way.

However, according to the mother, this passive path would not have been the best: “Just a year later I made the demand for food, and then he began with a lawsuit for parental responsibility. I haven’t seen my children for 57 days, on September 1 they notified me at a pre-hearing for the trial where I asked for food, and my ex asked for parental responsibility. He had a restriction with me but it was the same, he broke the perimeter, my lawyer at that time also warned and he was there intimidating and laughing. I didn’t know what was going to happen. The boys came in and never came out, ”says Valentina.

Regarding the reasons why the justice granted JPRM tenure to this mother and future grade teacher, she tells us that she made a complaint for child abuse, the proof of which was an audio from WhatsApp: “He made me a false report of abuse, the evidence is audio, something that is not legally taken as evidence. For a full month I could not see the file, my lawyers could not access to see what he was asking or saying. All my evidence I presented, complaints of gender violence, psychological reports of the boys, screenshots. This manipulation on their part has been emphasized for a long time ”, he highlighted.

And it is that the mother of J and T, reveals that their children could be suffering at the moment a strong manipulation on the part of their ex: “The boys were being treated by a psychologist through the women’s observatory, that report said that the father was negatively influencing the relationship with the boysHe told them that I was a thief and that he was going to be left on the street because of me, because of the demand for food, ”he confesses to eltucumano.

When asked about the relationship between the father and the children after the separation, he explained: “He could see the boys when he wanted and could, it was never my idea that there was a strict regime, I never denied them. That is why I did not initiate this parental responsibility, and it played against me because he initiated it ”.

My son thinks I didn’t want to say hello on his birthday

“He is an extremely manipulative person, it took me years of therapy to realize it. This is what he has been doing with the boys for more than two and a half years, he tells them that I abandoned him, that I separated because of me, then he turns them against me all the time. In the middle of all this, the first calls he denied me, he blocked me, He did not let me communicate with T for his birthday on September 26, no one could communicate and it was his birthday. After I made the claim he legally agreed to the telephone communication. In the way I met my children, I know that communication was not fluid, it limits them, communication is little and nothing. He prepares the boys beforehand, which shows because when they attend to me they are crying, they are out of it. To avoid that I directly ask them how they are by messages. The damage they are suffering is quite a lot, I try not to call them with all my pain so that they do not go through this situation ”, reveals the anguished mother.

Regarding the psychological containment of the children, Vale tells us that “The boys were with their therapist from the Women’s Observatory, and he got them out of this. They were asked to continue with that treatment but they started a particular treatment where the reports do not match. We wonder how it can be that a report says one thing and 57 days later it says another, we want to quote both psychologists. It hurts me to hear how they are communicating with me, especially the biggest, aggressive, screaming, out of himself, with a genius not according to an 8-year-old boy, ‘be careful what you say to me’ he yells at me when he attends to me, and an 8-year-old child does not speak to you like that. Already the beginning of the conversation comes from a previous one with the father, it is obvious. My oldest son was already asking me not to upload photos to WhatsApp with them because his dad would see them and get angry, ‘dad doesn’t want me to love you’ he told me one day. I don’t know what they are saying to my children about my absence, I am missing a lot of things ”.

The reason why this 29-year-old mother who divides her time between studies, children and her pasta business, decided to tell this story, is because she feels totally alone and helpless for justice: “They did not make the corresponding expertise. They turned their back on me with many evidence of gender violence, and with a complaint of abuse they immediately took an audio as evidence“, reveals.

Starting from one moment to the next without your children by your side, is something that strongly impacted Vale Orlando’s daily life, since the little ones were with her from Monday to Friday: “We had our routines, I started first grade with the oldest in virtuality, we had our routine for homework, going out and playing whenever we adjusted the times. I accommodated my internships with their class schedules. The boys left in the middle of all this and I was disappointed, I do not know where I am going or where I run. Everything is very heavy, it costs me. I’m looking all the time for what to do to cover those gaps ”, he closes.

The cause of the children of Valentina, is in the court of the seventh nomination, in charge of Judge Rossana Martinez.

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