Alexis Sánchez was flattered by the Inter squad after victory at Empoli

Alexis Sánchez, Inter Milan striker, was the target of praise from teammates and his coach after the good game he played against Empoli.

Alexis Sanchez He stood out in the 2-0 victory of Inter Milan in his visit to Empoli, in a duel corresponding to date 11 of the Italian Serie A.

The Chilean, in addition to serving a goal on a tray, his teammate Danilo D’Ambrosio, was active during the 72 minutes he was on the court and was present in the clear goal options that the ‘neroazzurro’ team had.

Therefore, the ‘Wonder Child’ won the praise of the interista team, starting with the author of the opening of the account.

“Tonight Alexis served me a beautiful and exceptional ball”D’Ambrosio said, after the match was over.

But one that went further was Massimiliano Farris, assistant coach Simone Inzaghi, and who had to lead Inter due to the suspension of DT.

“Sánchez is a player who knows how to do it very well between the lines. He has the gift of an absolute champion, he is a genius, as shown by the assistance of D’Ambrosio “, assured Inzaghi’s assistant, according to the Inter official website.

“We have a lot of quality players on this team, also Dzeko, who does splendidly well on offense and when you have him on your team you realize it. The same is the ‘Tucu’ Correa ”, added Farris.

It is worth noting that the Inter of Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, who did not play against Empoli, returns to the field this Sunday, October 31 when, from 08:30 hours, they host Udinese.

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