Coronavirus Covid-19 Adolf Hitler: Netherlands investigates why Adolf Hitler appears as vaccinated COVID-19 | International

The Ministry of Health and Justice of the Netherlandss investigates a cyberattack in which it was possible to create a COVID-19 vaccination certificate with QR code in which the German dictator is registered Adolf Hitler with date of birth of January 1, 1900.

According to images released by local media, on the QR code verification portal for vaccinated it is certified that Hitler had completed his vaccination schedule against the coronavirus after receiving the second dose on October 1.

In the midst of the investigations, it has been found that hacker forums offer ‘green pass’ generation services with specifications such as name and age and what they are valid in the Netherlands, France and Poland.

At the moment the authorities have two hypotheses in mind: the first is that an employee of the Health department is creating these passports and the second is that the keys were filtered to generate the codes, which would cause the certificates to be reissued. Poland, the Netherlands and France.

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Coronavirus Covid19 Adolf Hitler Netherlands investigates Adolf Hitler appears vaccinated COVID19 International

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